North Canton, Ohio, Trusts Leonard Truck & Trailer for Long & Short-Term Trailer Rental Services

By Fiona Vernon

Leonard Truck & Trailer was established in 1963 and has evolved into a nationally recognized trailer dealership with multiple locations and millions of loyal customers. Individuals living in Mansfield, Ohio, and beyond can attest to the outstanding products and services provided by this local trailer dealership. With inventory ranging from affordable trucks to horse trailers, anyone living in and around New Castle, Pennsylvania, can find what they need for any circumstance. Their vast array of trailers includes, but is not limited to, car, cargo, livestock, equipment, dump, and specialty trailers — as well as an exceptional trailer service and parts department located right inside Leonard Truck & Trailer. With services like trailer fabrication, gunsmithing, and even a weekly trailer renting service, this local truck dealership has it all. Anyone living from East Liverpool, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, looking for an affordable gun store, high-quality rental trailers for both short-term and long-term trailer rentals, or SUVs and vans, Leonard Truck & Trailer (330.538.2112) is the one-stop place to go!

People living in and around North Canton looking for an affordable gun store can find one where it’s least expected: inside Leonard Truck & Trailer! The Armory provides patrons with a wide variety of new and used guns from which they can choose. There is a licensed gunsmith on the premises who provides exceptional gunsmithing services. Not only is this just one of the many amenities provided by this local truck dealership, but they also have affordable trucks, SUVs, and vans for sale. With fully equipped trailer parts and service departments, services like trailer fabrication and weekly trailer renting services are easier to commission than ever. For those in New Castle and beyond looking for the perfect place to call or visit for all merchandise pertinent to trucks and trailers can more than satisfy their needs at Leonard Truck & Trailer.

People who have a multitude of uses for trailers know the perfect local trailer dealership to find their best products. From horse trailers to specialty trailers, Leonard Truck & Trailer is the hotspot for every trailer need. As a nationally recognized trailer dealership, Leonard Truck & Trailer is known for their incredible products, like their livestock and equipment trailers. Whether someone in Mansfield is searching for the perfect cargo trailer for their situation or another in East Liverpool needs a long-term trailer rental, Leonard Truck & Trailer knows how to help. Everyone looking for dump trailers, car trailers, cargo trailers, or even high-quality rental trailers can find all of this and more at Leonard Truck & Trailer (330.538.2112)!

Residents living in and around New Castle, Pennsylvania, are preparing for fall and winter by stocking up on all their truck and trailer needs. From horse trailers and livestock trailers to affordable trucks and SUVs, Leonard Truck & Trailer fulfills any requirement. As a nationally recognized trailer dealership, they offer high-quality rental trailer options as well as long-term trailer rentals and weekly trailer renting service. Not only do they have an impressive stock of cargo and car trailers, but this local trailer dealership also has a fully equipped trailer service and parts department. Whether someone from North Canton, Ohio, wants trailer fabrication services or is interested in finding vans for sale, they can put their trust in the experts at Leonard Truck & Trailer! When it comes to specialty trailers, dump trailers, or equipment trailers, people in and around East Liverpool, Ohio, and beyond know where to get the best products for the best prices. Additionally, anyone in Mansfield, Ohio, and beyond looking for gunsmithing services can find it in Leonard Truck & Trailer’s affordable gun store! Call or visit today!

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