Newark, Ohio, Residents Benefit from Attending Great Lakes Truck Driving School with Job Placement Assistance

By Fiona Vernon

Whether someone is fresh out of high school, ending their military profession, or embarking on a new career, Great Lakes Truck Driving School offers impressive benefits for incoming students to consider when deciding what to do to create new opportunities for their futures. Anyone from Zanesville, Ohio, looking for changes in their life must consider how to attain their goals affordably, so Great Lakes Truck Driving School has many benefits available to make the transition easier. They offer vocational financial aid for those in need; and if people from out of town, like Dresden, Ohio, or Newark, Ohio, decide to attend, they will find training with complimentary lodging accessible to them. While attending, students will be able to choose from a wide array of training options, including oil field safety programs, customized heavy equipment programs, and accredited truck driver training. Great Lakes Truck Driving School knows how difficult it is to enter a new field, so they go above and beyond for students completing programs and work with graduates by offering job placement assistance.

Deciding to change careers comes with a financial transition between old and new jobs, requiring the potential student to get creative in making their chosen training attainable. Although the accredited truck driver training courses near Zanesville and Dresden are all remarkably affordable, the vocational financial aid offered at Great Lakes Truck Driving School covers many funding options, including the Trade Adjustment Act training grants, the Ohio Workforce Development Revolving Loan Program, and the GI Bill. These financial opportunities are available for the impressive array of programs offered, which include customized heavy equipment programs, CDL training, oil field safety programs, and accredited truck driver training. In addition to the standard training and certification programs, Great Lakes offers many customized training and compliance programs designed to meet any company or individual needs in the safety arena; these include OSHA ten or thirty hours, First Aid, CPR, Asbestos, Scaffold, and Bailey Instruments training courses.

Great Lakes Truck Driving School brings value to every student’s needs by being a state-approved training provider with state-certified instructors boasting 23 years average experience. Knowing that students have many different lifestyles and transitions while working toward their goals, Great Lakes offers flexible scheduling for their classes which involve days, nights, and weekends! A notable school wants their educational opportunities available nationwide so they offer training with complimentary lodging to out-of-area applicants from Newark and beyond. With the ever-evolving environment and technology improving daily, up-to-date modern equipment in their massive training facility is also a benefit to choosing Great Lakes Truck Driving School. One of the most advantageous features that causes many students to choose them is the lifetime job placement assistance. They boast a high job placement rate because they are committed to their graduates’ career success. The placement department begins their work in the first week of training with interview skills and employment applications, then continues with a constant stream of visiting recruiters giving lectures and job fairs held on campus.

Potential students from Zanesville, Ohio, can call or visit Great Lakes Truck Driving School to experience the benefits the institution can offer with their diverse programs and training courses, including but not limited to oil field safety programs, customized heavy equipment programs, and accredited truck driver training. Out-of-town students can take advantage of training with complimentary lodging while advancing their skills and can utilize Great Lakes’ job placement assistance department after graduation. Whether one is from Newark, Ohio, or Dresden, Ohio, calling for vocational financial aid advice is effortless!

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