Need Demo & Excavation or Heavy Duty Towing & Repairs? Call DeSantis Enterprises in Canton, Ohio!

Spring can bring an influx of work to construction companies in Northeast Ohio. After months of weather that put projects on hold, many will soon have their hands full. Some will need help managing workloads, and others will experience equipment issues that can threaten it all. Fortunately, DeSantis Enterprises of Canton, Ohio has the manpower and mechanical prowess to keep things on track. Its offerings exceed those of most local demolition companies because DeSantis Enterprises also provides heavy duty towing and heavy equipment repair services. Serving Stark County, Ohio and surrounding areas, this company can support your crew and repair equipment that fails you.

This comprehensive range of services is what separates DeSantis Enterprises from other local demolition companies. Granted the company’s reputation for doing a job right and at a fair price is largely rooted in its demolition and excavation services. The skill and experience available to you at its auto repair shop should not be overlooked. After all, automotive repair is where it all started for DeSantis Enterprises. Fast forward 30 years later, and this versatile ally has increased its offerings to meet the needs of its customers.

By providing standalone demo and excavation services for some customers and serving as a masterful and reliable support crew for others, DeSantis Enterprises is now as much a resource for companies as it has been for commuters. Through its commercial work, the company has proven to be the one you call when you’re in a pinch and in need of precise production, ASAP! And since construction companies are usually in such a bind because of equipment failures, it only made sense for DeSantis Enterprises to evolve into a no-nonsense provider of heavy duty towing and heavy equipment repair services.

Now, its shop in Canton is still where residents of Stark County go for accurate and affordable repairs. And it’s also the place where construction companies throughout Northeast Ohio send their equipment to be fixed right and at a fair price. Being able to have skilled equipment operators keep work moving ahead in the meantime is a caveat that company leaders rely on. And should you call on DeSantis Enterprises for heavy duty towing and heavy equipment repair services when your machines break, you can also expect to keep making progress while your equipment gets fixed.

For more details on the many things that DeSantis Enterprises can do for you, go to To discuss your specific needs, call 330.454.5678. Be sure to save that number for the next time you need help with demolition and excavation or heavy duty towing and heavy equipment repair services. And remember that unlike most local demolition companies in Stark County, Ohio or outside of Northeast Ohio, this versatile company does it all!

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