Navarre, Ohio, Trusts Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling to Replace Outdated ACs to Get Their House Ready to Sell

by Fiona Vernon

When someone lives in a house for a long time, they tend to ignore small problems as they occur. Examples are when the dryer needs more than one cycle to dry clothes, and when the AC just seems to take a little longer to cool the house on a hot day. Deciding to sell a home is no minor decision, because it’s time to repair all the small things that have deteriorated, as well as some of the big things. One of the bigger things that can be replaced to not only attract buyers, but also to improve a home’s value, is to replace outdated heating and cooling systems. Homeowners from North Lawrence, Ohio, to Navarre, Ohio, can rely on the experts at Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling not only for seasonal maintenance and 24-hour emergency AC and furnace repair, but this reputable cooling company also provides smart thermostat and affordable Trane AC installation. Prospective buyers will see a new HVAC system for what it’s worth — lower utility bills, improved indoor air quality, and increased energy efficiency. Individuals in communities from Minerva, Ohio, to East Sparta, Ohio, call Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling at 330.875.9300 or visit them on their website to help get their houses ready to sell.

Putting a home on the market is a big decision that involves weeks to months’ worth of planning. Most people want to get the best return on their investment, and there are steps to take to make that happen. Updating the kitchen and bathroom are the first things that most people do, but there are smaller things that will also appeal to buyers. Deep cleaning and decluttering are important, but so is replacing handles, fixtures, and repairing any flooring issues. One of the most important tasks to complete is to ensure that the components of the house are updated so that it’s energy efficient, including the replacement of heating and cooling systems that are outdated. Homeowners from Navarre to Minerva trust Hey Neighbor for affordable Trane AC and furnace installation.

HVAC systems last 10-20 years with consistent maintenance, so it’s appealing when a potential buyer realizes that they won’t have to invest in one for at least 10 years, except for maintenance. When choosing, it’s wise to opt for a higher SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) for bragging rights about having lower than usual utility bills with the increased energy efficiency. The seller is also eligible for up to $300 in a tax credit, so it’s a win-win. Adding a whole-house air purifier, humidity control, and HEPA filtration is also highly attractive to buyers to improve indoor air quality. This reputable cooling company can also help get a home ready to sell by installing a smart thermostat. Studies have shown that with proper preparation, homeowners from East Sparta to North Lawrence can recoup up to 85% of their initial investment of the AC and furnace. Including 24-hour emergency AC and furnace repair, Hey Neighbor is here to help improve a home’s value.

Homeowners from Minerva, Ohio, to North Lawrence, Ohio, who want to replace outdated heating and cooling systems and have smart thermostats installed while getting their houses ready to sell love the affordable Trane AC and furnace installation from Hey Neighbor. This reputable heating and cooling company specializes in improving a home’s value by increasing its energy efficiency. The result is lower utility bills and improved indoor air quality. For affordable 24-hour emergency AC and furnace repair, maintenance on nearly every brand in the industry, and Trane installation, individuals from East Sparta, Ohio, to Navarre, Ohio, call Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling at 330.875.9300 or visit their website to get on the schedule.

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