Navarre, Ohio, Drivers Rely on Canton Auto Salvage to Prevent and Fix Common Summer Car Problems

by Fiona Vernon

Summer is a carefree time of year when people want to be able to just hop in their car and hit the open road. Drivers from Canton, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, who didn’t take the time in spring to prepare their car for summer travels or need to fix common summer car issues can visit Canton Auto Salvage for affordable reconditioned auto parts that come with a warranty. This local junkyard even has an online car parts inventory for those who prefer to look for themselves to see what’s available. When the temperatures rise, it’s more comfortable to keep the air conditioning on, but that can put strain on the battery and other components that are already getting older. Drivers can visit this local scrap yard when the strain causes their vehicle’s engine to overheat, and they need cooling system parts. Heat also causes the air in tires to expand and the need for affordable car or truck tires. How about replacing struts and springs that have been damaged from potholes not yet filled to make a long road trip more bearable? Individuals from Homeworth, Ohio, to Navarre, Ohio, who want to repair or prevent summer car problems will love the wide range of products and expertise they find at Canton Auto Salvage. Call 330.453.3888 today!

Hearing the wind blow past the car as it flies down the highway toward new and exotic destinations is one of the best parts of summer, but vehicles feel the effects of extreme heat just as much as severe cold in the winter. Most drivers know that there are small things they can do to prepare their car for summer travels — including checking the coolant and other fluid levels, belts and hoses, tire pressure, and inspect or replace spark plugs. Backyard mechanics and professionals alike from Akron to Homeworth trust Canton Auto Salvage when they need a local scrap yard that stocks an impressive number of affordable reconditioned auto parts. They are so confident in the quality they offer that their products even come with a warranty. For those who prefer to do things themselves, they also provide the convenience of an online car parts inventory that allows anyone to check their parts’ availability.

Even with the most diligent maintenance, common wear and tear will still cause vehicle components to deteriorate. Fixing common summer car problems or even preventing them doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the most common issues is a blown tire. Tires that are underinflated can overheat and are more likely to explode on hot roads. The correct tire pressure reduces the amount of heat created because the tire walls aren’t flexing as much. Additionally, for every 10 degrees that the ambient temperature rises, tire pressure increases by one PSI. While it doesn’t seem like a significant number, there is only typically 30-35 PSI in passenger vehicle tires. This expansion makes blowouts more common, so drivers will want to ensure that their tires are in good condition. If they need replaced to keep the passengers safe, this local junkyard has affordable car and truck tires in all sizes.

When someone drives a car around Canton or Navarre streets every day, they may not notice that their suspension suffered some damage from spinning tires and potholes last winter. It may take a long road trip to bring it to their attention, and that’s where visiting Canton Auto Salvage can come in handy. They have affordable struts and springs to get most vehicles back to better than new. Perhaps the biggest problem is that the car’s AC is blowing warm air or isn’t working at all. This local junkyard has vehicle cooling system parts — like compressors, fans, radiators, and thermostats — that also keep a car engine from working so hard that it’s at risk of overheating. If there’s a need for it, it’s likely that this local junkyard has it.

Whether a car engine is overheating in Homeworth, Ohio, because it needs vehicle cooling system parts, or a car or truck in Canton, Ohio, had a blowout and needs tires, Canton Auto Salvage has affordable reconditioned auto parts with warranties. This local junkyard not only helps fix common summer car issues, but they can also help prevent problems with their vast knowledge. Drivers from Navarre, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, who are looking for a local scrap yard with an online car parts inventory to prepare their cars for summer travel will love everything from the affordable struts and springs to windshields and batteries at Canton Auto Salvage. Call 330.453.3888, visit them in person, or go to their Facebook Page!

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