Motorheads in Mendocino, California, Can Call Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a Custom-Built Chrysler 545RFE

By Fiona Vernon

Truck enthusiasts from Mendocino, California, to Norfolk, Virginia, pride themselves on their knowledge and dedication to companies and products that support what they love. Anyone who has appreciated the craftsmanship of rear-wheel drive Jeeps and Rams paired with a 4.7L PowerTech V8 engine will love the power and quality behind a custom-built 545RFE high performance automatic transmission from Gearstar Performance Transmissions. This transmission rebuilding company not only excels at medium and heavy-duty transmissions, but also racing performance transmissions that are built to each client’s exact specifications from start to finish by one of the industry’s top expert technicians using only the best US-made performance parts available. Even the most discerning of customers from Portland, Maine, to Amarillo, Texas, will be impressed with the experience and knowledge that they find at Gearstar regarding Mopar, GM, and Ford performance transmissions.

The 545RFE was introduced into Chrysler’s entire fleet of rear-wheel drive trucks with programming changes and extra, taller overdrive gear ratios that improved upon its predecessor, the 45RFE. Any new model comes out and has parts upon which improvements can be made, and with the change to overdrive, the 545RFE, allowed it to cruise at 70mph and yield 200rpm less than its predecessor, cutting fuel use and noise. Its solid engineering reached back to the high quality of Torqueflites, but updated by boasting six forward speeds, with one reserved for kickdown. Its gear ratios allowed it to give the Jeep Commander and Grand Cherokee a class-leading towing capacity of 7,200 pounds with a turbine damper to cut noise and vibration from the torque converter, as well as a redesigned solenoid for quieter shifting. The 545RFE was ideal for the torque band of the Heni V8, 3.7 V6, 4.7 V8, and the VM 2.8 diesel.

Gearstar Performance Transmissions offers a complete line of Mopar or Chrysler high performance, medium, heavy, and racing automatic transmissions for truck lovers from Mendocino to Portland knowing that gearheads everywhere want to get the most out of their powerhouse engines. People from around the world feel that they are the best:

“I live in Switzerland and I made somes Custom Cars with muscle engines, for me and friends of my Car Club. For somes years, I work Gearstar Company and for me is the best company for the transmission.”

Their custom-built transmissions boast lightning fast shifts and minimal drive train power loss, while being able to handle up to 1100 horsepower and 1100 foot-pounds of torque. This transmission rebuilding company assigns one of five of their master technicians to follow the GM, Mopar, or Ford performance transmission from beginning to end. It forms a level of intimacy to ensure mindfulness of its individual requirements throughout the process. Each transmission is DYNO tested for the equivalent of 100 miles to ensure that it is functioning up to the high standards they expect of it. Anyone from Norfolk to Amarillo who has trusted Gearstar in the past has recommended them time and again to anyone in the industry.

Gearstar Performance Transmissions can accommodate any motorhead from Amarillo, Texas, to Mendocino, California, with their GM, Ford, and Mopar high performance automatic, medium and heavy duty, and racing transmissions. This transmission rebuilding company custom builds each transmission to the exact specifications required to match the application it will serve, including the Chrysler 545RFE in rear-wheel drive vehicles. Each master technician uses only the best of American-made parts and DYNO tests each project to 100 miles, ensuring its proper functioning. Individuals from Norfolk, Virginia, to Portland, Maine, can call now for Gearstar to get started on perfecting their pride and joy.

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