Midwest Knife Grinding Inc. Offers Reverse Engineering to Companies throughout Alabama and Beyond

midwest knife grinding_logoishBy Gemma Chriss

Many companies struggle to obtain the machine blades they need to make their equipment function properly, which is why they often go the reverse engineering route. Opting to enlist the help of another company that has the tools and skills necessary for part replication ensures that the pelletizer rotors and/or granulator blades clients receive will fit their machines correctly. Though there are a handful of establishments around North Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia that provide their clients with knife sharpening services, it’s important to locate one that adheres to a step-by-step process in order to guarantee quality. Not only is Midwest Knife Grinding Inc. such a company, but they offer their services to clients throughout the entire country.

midwest_110318Companies in the recycling industry frequently recruit Midwest Knife Grinding Inc. for manufacturing and sharpening purposes. After receiving a sample part from the client, the team members from Midwest Knife Grinding Inc. create a sketch of the machine blade which is then turned into a blueprint. Before moving forward, the team consults the client in order to determine whether there is any additional information available. Once they’re confident that they can replicate the part according to the client’s exact specifications, they can then proceed to the manufacturing stage.

midwest_110624Midwest Knife Grinding’s team tests the material composition using a Niton radar gun, as well as the hardness using either their standard or portable Rockwell Hardness Tester. This allows them to choose the correct type of steel for the pelletizer rotor, granulator blade, or other machine blade they’ve been hired to create. Once the steel has been delivered to their shop, the team then machines the part to the client’s specifications. After heat-treating the part as needed, the team grinds the part to finish.

Unlike some other knife sharpening/manufacturing companies throughout North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and beyond, Midwest Knife Grinding Inc. performs a thorough inspection of the part before shipping it to the client. This Ohio-based business strives for 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to part replication, so they go the extra mile to ensure that the piece they’ve reverse engineered will fit the client’s needs perfectly. Only after running through an extensive checklist for quality control is a part deemed ready to ship.

midwest_172340Those who are interested in part replication of their machine blades will find that Midwest Knife Grinding Inc. exceeds all expectations. The team members who perform reverse engineering of granulator blades, pelletizer rotors, and other parts are not only experts in their field, but use the most advanced equipment available in order to complete the tasks they’re assigned. To learn more about Midwest Knife Grinding Inc. and how they stand out from other knife sharpening companies throughout North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and beyond, visit their website at www.midwestknifegrinding.com.

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