Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. in Ohio Offers Scrap Shear Sharpening Services to Companies throughout the Country

midwest knife grinding_logoishBy Gemma Chriss

A number of companies throughout Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana are familiar with Midwest Knife Grinding’s work on strand pelletizer rotors and granulator blades; however, this Ohio-based business has also proven to be an excellent resource for those in need of metal shear blades. Companies that specialize in metal recycling frequently enlist the help of Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. for scrap shear sharpening and replacement. With a team of highly skilled machinists and some of the most advanced tools on the market, Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. is capable of providing customers with the high-quality shear knives they need for their scrap processing equipment.

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When it comes to scrap shear sharpening, this Ohio-based business offers the best possible value. In fact, most companies realize a minimum savings of 25% when they take advantage of Midwest Knife Grinding’s sharpening services. However, while affordability is certainly important to those in the metal recycling industry, accuracy is often given higher priority. Thankfully, Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. is also known for crafting high-quality shear knives with increased blade life and performance. Their team can even exceed an A.N.S.I. specification by keeping a tolerance within 0.001 over 250” on metal shear blades.

ScrapShearFrontFor those wanting resharpening of metal shear blades, the technicians at Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. follow established procedures to ensure that the final product is ready to shear. Once the shears are received, the staff performs a thorough cleaning and visual inspection.  They then proceed by grinding the shear knives to a sharp edge and, if requested by the customer, precision shims are also manufactured. As long as the piece meets Midwest Knife Grinding’s standards, the blade is demagnetized and packed for shipping.

In the event that a replacement blade is needed, customers throughout Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, and beyond can feel confident that Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. can meet their needs. Most metal shear equipment makes are available from stock and can be customized according to the customer’s specifications.

ScrapShearCompositionUsing time-tested methods and top-of-the-line machinery, Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. ensures that customers will get the blades they need for their scrap processing equipment to handle various types of metal, including iron, steel, titanium, copper, and brass. Though this reputable business strives to complete each order in a timely manner, rush service is also available for customers without a spare set.

AlligatorShearsDynamicAdditional information about the scrap shear sharpening services from Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. can be found on their website at www.midwestknifegrinding.com. This Ohio-based company offers up examples of metal shear blades for those in need of replacement shear knives for their scrap processing equipment as well. Companies throughout Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana that specialize in metal recycling are encouraged to give Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. a call at 330.854.1030 for specific pricing and turnaround rates.

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