Meineke Car Care Center in Canton, Ohio Has ASE Certified Technicians

This year the winter solstice will arrive at 6:12am on Friday, December 21st. This is the earliest winter has arrived since 1896! But, if you live in North Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio, you might think that winter has been here a little earlier than that. Be prepared! Bring your vehicle to Meineke in Canton, Ohio for quality winter car care by ASE certified technicians. Along with providing excellent auto repair service year-round, Meineke is the place to go for affordable auto maintenance and repair before the winter weather hits.

Now, we all know that during this time of year the last thing anyone wants is the expense of car repair. Fortunately, Meineke in Canton has affordable auto maintenance and repair! But the key phrase is “affordable.” Being able to maintain your vehicles all year round will lead to a lesser chance of  having your vehicle break down when you least expect it. That’s because the ASE certified technicians give your vehicle a thorough inspection each and every time you have your automobile serviced. The technicians can alert you to any potential problems they might see, items of concern that need to be addressed soon, and, of course, provide quality winter car care to keep things running smoothly well into spring!

Meineke Canton offers excellent auto repair service for your vehicle. However, the ASE certified technicians are just as concerned about what is inside your vehicle this winter as what is under the hood. Should you ever find yourself stranded in Massillon or North Canton, Meineke Canton and their team of technicians want you to be prepared! An emergency road side kit for winter travel is always a good item to have handy in your car. Even if your vehicle has had quality winter car care, an unexpected snow storm might leave you stranded. And it’s always a good idea to update the travel kit according to the seasons.

Meineke recommends keeping the following in your vehicle this winter for emergency situations: a snow shovel and a snow brush, ice scraper for everyday use, jumper cables (for you or to help a fellow motorist out), warm clothing, drinking water, some non-perishable snacks, a First Aid kit, flares, and a bag of abrasive material such as salt or traction mats to help you out if you are stuck in snow.

These items will come in handy should you find yourself stranded in a snow storm in Massillon, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio. Also, remember to always keep your cell phone fully charged and the vehicle charger in your car! Make sure to have important numbers like roadside assistance and Meineke Canton programmed in! In fact, put Meineke Car Care Center’s number, 330.477.2236, in your phone right now. But to avoid ever having to use it, be sure to set an appointment for affordable auto maintenance and repair before winter! Meineke’s ASE certified technicians will make sure you get the excellent auto repair service you need. You can call the number listed above, or visit them online at  Better yet, don’t waste a minute! With temperatures dropping, you don’t want to miss out on quality winter car care. Visit Meineke Canton at 4570 West Tuscarawas in Canton, Ohio today!