MDS Baseball Bats Was a Major Sponsor of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association Convention in Tucson, Arizona

The 2013 National High School Baseball Coaches Association convention was held this past December in Tucson, Arizona. An excellent opportunity for coaches throughout Tempe, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona; Mesa, Arizona; and across the country, this annual event brings vendors and sports professionals together in order to share the latest news, tips, and equipment. Those who took part in the event this past year were not only able to sit in on seminars, but browse exhibits from some of the top names in baseball equipment, uniforms, and more. As a major sponsor, MDS Baseball Bats was present during this baseball trade show, displaying their wooden baseball bats to participants. Since this baseball bat manufacturer is quickly growing in popularity, many were excited for the chance to try out the fungo baseball bats they had available.

Those who attend the National High School Baseball Coaches Association convention every year are always eager to try out the latest products, and this past event was no different. Coaches from around the country were able to take a tour of the Tucson convention center, stopping at booths for various vendors. As one of the most reputable baseball bat manufacturers in the industry, MDS Baseball Bats’ exhibit was particularly popular, drawing in coaches who were interested in obtaining new wooden baseball bats for their teams. Not only did this baseball trade show allow participants to meet with some of MDS Baseball Bats’ staff and learn more about their products, but even take home one of their fungo baseball bats for free.

In order to spread the word about their wooden baseball bats, MDS Baseball Bats offered free fungo baseball bats and information flyers to coaches at this event. Those who took advantage of this offer were impressed with MDS Baseball Bats’ unique bat profile. As MDS Baseball Bats crafts each bat by hand, coaches from Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, and across the country were intrigued by the prospect of obtaining custom practice bats for their teams. As an added bonus, this baseball bat manufacturer ran a promotion that allowed all NHSBCA members to receive a 30% discount on all of their products.

Those who were unable to attend the National High School Baseball Coaches Association convention this past year can still purchase wooden baseball bats from MDS at a fair price. While the baseball trade show may be over, MDS Baseball Bats is still providing 30% off for all NHSBCA members. So, if you belong to this organization and would like to try out one of MDSfungo baseball bats for yourself, you still have the opportunity to do so.

To learn more about the fungo baseball bats that MDS Baseball Bats displayed at the National High School Baseball Coaches Association convention in Tucson, Arizona this past December, visit their website at Not only can you find additional information about the wooden baseball bats they create, but you can also place an order by contacting this baseball bat manufacturer by phone or email. If you’re a member of the NHSBCA but were unable to make the trip from your Tempe, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona; or Mesa, Arizona home to last year’s baseball trade show, just make sure to let MDS Baseball Bats know so you can redeem your 30% discount.

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