MDS Baseball Bats Was a Big Hit at the Minor League Baseball Trade Show Held in Orlando, Florida This Past December

This past December, MDS Baseball Bats was proud to be a part of the 112th Baseball Winter Meetings and Minor League Baseball Trade Show held in Orlando, Florida the week of December 9th, 2013. This annual gathering of members of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, Inc., Major League Baseball, and their affiliates is the largest gathering of baseball professionals in the world. As an exhibitor at the trade show, MDS Baseball Bats was given the opportunity to display their wooden baseball bats to baseball executives, players, agents, and other professionals throughout Jacksonville, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Miami, Florida; and across the country. Having received a number of inquiries about their professional-grade baseball bats, it’s safe to say that this baseball bat manufacturer made a lasting impression on all those who attended this event.

At the Baseball Winter Meetings and Minor League Baseball Trade Show in Orlando, MDS Baseball Bats had several featured products that stood out to participants. Displaying their team shop souvenir mini-bats in lengths of 12in and 18in, promotional bats in lengths of 18in and 24in, and the MDS Stick Ball Set which includes a 27in stick with conventional baseball bat handle and two multi-colored balls that are custom colored and logoed for professional teams and organizations, MDS Baseball Bats ensured that their wooden baseball bats captured the attention of passersby. In addition to the three aforementioned products, this baseball bat manufacturer also showcased their player bats and player training bats with their unique profile designs for players, equipment managers, and player agents.

Baseball professionals throughout Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, and across the country who attended the Baseball Winter Meetings and Minor League Baseball Trade Show were quite impressed with what MDS Baseball Bats had to offer. Not only did they comment on the quality of the professional-grade baseball bats made by MDS Baseball Bats, but the pricing as well. Those who took the time to find pricing information for these wooden baseball bats found it to be both creative and competitive. In fact, the show was such a great success for MDS Baseball Bats that approximately 40 organizations and player agents were interested in their products and communicated a desire to work one-on-one with this baseball bat manufacturer.

While the Baseball Winter Meetings and Minor League Baseball Trade Show held in Orlando, Florida this past December brought in quite a crowd, there were a number of professionals throughout Tampa, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; Miami, Florida; and across the country who were unable to attend. If you were one of those individuals, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can find information about MDSprofessional-grade baseball bats by visiting their website at If you have any questions about the wooden baseball bats this up-and-coming baseball bat manufacturer offers, don’t hesitate to give them a call at 330.855.6305.

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