Mattress Showcase’s Englander Mattress Provides Stark County, Ohio with An Environmentally Friendly Foam Mattress

Mattress Showcase’s new mattress, The Englander, combines memory foam technology with eco-friendly latex to bring Stark County, Ohio one of the most innovative, eco-friendly memory foam mattresses. If you have been having trouble sleeping, a new mattress could be just the thing you need! The Englander provides individual comfort year-round. If you are looking in North Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; or Canton, Ohio for an organic mattress, an environmentally friendly mattress, or a mattress for plus size individuals, Mattress Showcase’s the Englander could be perfect for you.

The Englander is a one-of-a-kind mattress that brings the comfort of memory foam with the benefits of an organic mattress. The Englander mattress has been manufactured with exclusive VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) technology. The unique VPF technology gives the ability to make high performing, durable, soft polyurethane foams that enhance cushioning and comfort. Mattresses made with VPF are guaranteed to last longer than regular mattresses. And VPF technology is also environmentally friendly! The emissions collected in the enclosed chamber are passed through carbon beds, trapping any harmful contaminants emitted during the conventional foaming process. The Visco Elastic Memory Foam within an Englander mattress also reacts to your body’s weight and temperature—molding to fit your shape for the ideal comfort and support. The mattress molds to fit each individual person, which means that you will no longer be disrupted in the middle of the night by your partner’s tossing and turning in your Stark County bedroom!

Each of Englander’s mattresses not only provides the individual comfort of mattress foam, but each one is eco-friendly as well. The pure, natural, botanical latex of the Englander is non-toxic, environmentally safe, odor-free and hypo-allergenic, which makes the Englander mattress perfect for all ages. The majority of foam mattresses have been known to trap heat and cause uncomfortably hot nights for some people. The Englander takes care of that with the unique pinhole design throughout the mattress. The pinhole design allows for greater ventilation along the surface of the mattress, which allows for year-round sleeping comfort in your North Canton, Massillon, or Canton home.

The Englander is perfect for any shape or size. Not only is the Englander an environmentally friendly mattress but it also a great choice for plus-sized individuals. The Posture Support Plus mattress is perfect for those who are plus sized, since the mattress forms to your shape and targets pressure points, giving you support where you need it and comfort when your muscles need help relaxing. The dual coil unit on the Englander plus size mattress provides optimal support for your body. The 3-zoned, individual fabric-encased top coils contour to your body, while the bottom coil unit provides deep-down support and durability. Making it a perfect mattress for plus sized individuals.

If you have wanted to try a foam memory mattress but didn’t want to sacrifice a comfortable temperature, the Englander is perfect for you. With the unique pinhole design and dual coil support, the mattress helps keep every body shape cool and comfortable all year round. Environmentally friendly mattresses and organic mattresses not only help those with allergies sleep more soundly, but also help you rest a little healthier. It can be difficult to find a mattress for plus size individuals that can fully support any body shape; however, the Englander provides comfort to any body shape. If you are in Stark County, Ohio and want to test one out for yourself, stop by Mattress Showcase. The expert team at Mattress Showcase can help you find which Englander mattress is the right fit for you! The changing temperatures throughout North Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio can make sleeping comfortably through the night all year-round difficult. And since sleeping on your mattress is something you are going to spend every night doing, it should be on one that you love! To learn more about the Englander, you can call the Mattress Showcase at (330) 492-7492 or stop in at their location at 3200 Cleveland Ave NW in Canton, Ohio.