Looking for Van Wheelchair Lift Repair in Kent, Ohio? PTS Automotive is a Shop with Heavy-Duty Lifts!

By Fiona Vernon

Programs responsible for transporting large groups of people or school children, whether it’s non-profit or a business, know that it’s essential to keep a local fleet repair center on standby for general fleet services and repair. One breakdown at the wrong time can have a devastating effect that may possibly result in injured or unhappy customers, bad publicity, or even fines and legal action. Whether a nursing home in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, needs van wheelchair lift repair or a church bus in Youngstown, Ohio, needs a heavy-duty vehicle alignment, PTS Automotive is a shop with heavy-duty lifts, meaning they have access to any part of commercial or passenger vehicles. Not only are they equipped to be a full-service auto repair center, but they specialize in what many others cannot with their transport shuttle bus routine maintenance and repair, such as rear AC repair. Everyone from Barberton, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, looking for services from fleet vehicle maintenance to bus dual AC work will satisfy every need when they are looking for a good bus repair shop with PTS Automotive.

Regardless of the make or model shuttle or transport bus, at some point it will need routine maintenance and repair. People from Youngstown to Barberton who know what to look for in a good bus repair shop will benefit from the broad range of services available at PTS Automotive. What fleet managers are essentially looking for is a shop with a heavy-duty lift that is capable of tackling more challenging jobs. This local fleet repair center beats the competition with their ability to perform tasks that include bus dual AC work, especially rear AC repair, and heavy-duty vehicle alignments. They are a warranty repair station for a selection of bus AC companies, including American Climate Control (ACC), American Cooling Technology (ACT), Mobile Climate Control (MCC), and Trans-Air Conditioning. One of the most important things to look for is that the technicians provide knowledge and experience in their industry. Not only do the technicians at PTS Automotive offer impressive knowledge and experience, but the manager himself boasts over 45 years’ experience working with a vast array of vehicles.

This full-service fleet and auto repair center knows that downtime is the enemy when attempting to keep a customer base happy and avoid loss of productivity. PTS Automotive keeps businesses on the road, since they specialize in general fleet services and shuttle bus repair, including engine repair and replacement, engine computer diagnostics, front end, front suspension, brakes, alignment, and so much more. No matter the size of the job, this shop with heavy-duty lifts possesses the capability to attack what others may perceive as a difficult task. They know that when a wheelchair lift is broken, it can ruin any trip, whether it’s a simple errand, an important doctor’s appointment, or a weekend away. Anyone from Kent to Cuyahoga Falls can let PTS Automotive relieve their anxiety with comprehensive van wheelchair lift repair, whether it’s a simple fix like the breaker being released or an issue in the hydraulic system.

PTS Automotive has lessened the anxiety of many businesses with their transport shuttle bus routine maintenance and repair. This local fleet repair center fulfills every need of every fleet manager from Kent, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, who know what to look for in a good fleet vehicle maintenance and bus repair shop. This shop has heavy-duty lifts, which gives them the capability that many of their competitors do not have, from van wheelchair lift repair and heavy-duty vehicle alignments to bus dual, especially rear, AC workPTS Automotive has access to every part of every vehicle, so everyone from Barberton, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, looking for anything from full-service auto repair to general fleet services will be completely satisfied!

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