Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts: The #1 Choice for Corporate Gifts around the Greater Akron Area

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By Gemma Chriss

Since 2004, Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts has been serving the greater Akron, Ohio area by offering a wide range of made-to-order products. This family-owned and operated establishment has received rave reviews from customers who have commissioned personalized clothing and décor for everything from theater productions to church functions. Needless to say, Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts has become quite popular among those in need of corporate gifts. Businesses from Cleveland, Ohio to Medina, Ohio frequently contact this local retailer for custom work awards such as crystal and glass trophies in order to properly acknowledge their employees’ hard work. Plus, they also count on Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts to provide them with embroidered apparel for company-wide events.

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Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts may have initially started out as a minor division of Lustrous Metal Coatings, Inc., but this local business has made quite a name for itself over the years. Using the patented technology that made the Lustrous Metal Coatings, Inc. Sports Division famous among such icons as the NFL, MLB, and US Open Tennis, Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts has created a large assortment of gift-oriented products for retail customers. However, while the Family Wall Letter and Vogue Photo Frame are still considered to be two of Liquid Custom’s most popular products, they’ve moved far beyond simple home decorations, crafting high-quality corporate gifts for companies throughout Akron, Medina, Cleveland, and beyond.

Liquid Custom_Monogrammed FleeceWhen it comes to personalized clothing and décor, there’s virtually nothing that Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts can’t do. This local business has the skills and equipment necessary to create beautiful, high-quality corporate gifts for any occasion. Companies wanting to give out elegant holiday presents to their staff can turn to Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts for monogrammed fleece blankets, golf balls, writing instruments, and much, much more. Their embroidered apparel is especially popular as competitors tend to offer only screen-printed clothing.

As if that weren’t enough, Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts has also become the go-to business for those in need of custom work awards. Rather than offering their customers the traditional metal statues and wooden plaques that one would normally receive from such retailers, this local establishment creates lovely crystal and glass trophies that can be engraved with any inscription the customer desires. These trophies are Liquid Custom_Embroiderytruly a sight to behold as they’re made using the same technology that allows Lustrous Metal Coatings, Inc. to craft their incredible sports products.

For those interested in the personalized clothing and décor available from Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts, additional information can be found at their website, This local business has posted photos of the embroidered apparel and other corporate gifts they’ve created for past clients throughout the greater Akron, Ohio area. If you’d like to give out custom work awards at the year-end staff meeting for your own Cleveland, Ohio or Medina, Ohio company, feel free to give Liquid Custom Apparel & Gifts a call at 330.479.4160 to get pricing on their crystal and glass trophies.Liquid Custom_Van

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