Let Belpar Pet Care Centre in Canton, Ohio Teach You About the Benefits of Laser Declaw for Cats

There are a variety of reasons why the owner of a cat may choose to have their pet declawed. Be it because a Massillon, Ohio family’s cat has a history of severe scratching, or because a new kitten’s claws in Canal Fulton, Ohio may present concerns of germs and infection to little children, Belpar Pet Care Centre understands that cat declawing is the right choice for many cat parents. In the event that declawing is right for you and your pet, this local animal clinic wants you to know that laser declaw is a hugely better procedure to consider, one that they offer as a part of their comprehensive feline care services.

You might be wondering what makes the laser declaw process different from other methods of cat declawing. As the knowledgeable associates of Belpar Pet Care Centre can tell you, laser declawing has grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Whereas traditional declawing methods can require a prolonged recovery time, bandaging, and can result in post-surgical bleeding and pain, the laser declawing process is very quick, results in no bleeding and minimal to no pain, and has a very short recovery time. In fact, many of the kitties from around the Canal Fulton or Massillon areas who have undergone the laser declaw procedure are back to their normal selves in just one day! It is definitely a procedure that is much easier on your pet.

While the laser declawing capabilities of this Canton animal clinic make feline care for local cat owners much more convenient, it is still encouraged that you learn more about the declawing process, as well as other alternatives to declawing, prior to deciding what you’d like to do. The professionals at Belpar Pet Care Centre are committed to providing the best care that they can for each and every pet, and understand that every animal requires different treatment. If you do decide that declawing is best for your kitty, the associates of Belpar Pet Care Centre are professionally trained and able to provide this service for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of laser declaw, or would like to speak to one of the Belpar Pet Care Centre about your kitty’s scratching habits, you can reach one of their friendly animal clinic associates today by calling 330.492.8387. They will be happy to talk to you more about the cat declawing process, as well as what that looks like for your furry friend. To find more information about all of the pet care services that Belpar Pet Care Centre has to offer your Massillon, Ohio or Canal Fulton, Ohio pet, feel free to visit their website at www.belparvet.com. There, you can find some helpful resources focused on feline care, as well as a variety of other helpful articles related to pet behavior, pet health, and even seasonal pet care tips. You can also request an appointment for your pet, which is really convenient.
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