Leonard Truck and Trailer Provides Columbus, Ohio, With In-House Financing on Affordable Landscaping Trailers

By Fiona Vernon

Spring has arrived, and summer vacation plans are underway. While some may be comfortable driving, others would prefer a fifth wheel travel trailer’s comfort and safety. It is also time for businesses to upgrade their equipment for the busy season on the horizon.  People from Columbus, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, searching for landscaping, living quarter horse, and livestock trailers, will love the wide selection they find at Leonard Truck and Trailer. This new and used truck and trailer dealer can make dreams come true with the combination of in-house trailer financing, nationwide delivery, and knowing how to best use tax refunds and stimulus checks. They also have a comprehensive trailer service department that installs trailer awnings to make sitting outside more enjoyable at the campground, as well as providing affordable maintenance, repair, accessories, and replacement parts. Businesses and homeowners alike from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Erie, Pennsylvania, can call Leonard Truck and Trailer at 330.565.1327 to enjoy their spring and summer.

People from Cleveland to Pittsburgh who are sick of staying home and want to know how to best use their stimulus check or income tax refund can get the fifth wheel travel trailer of which they always dreamed with in-house trailer financing at Leonard Truck and Trailer. Individuals can even start the process safely at home with this new and used trailer dealer’s online application. With 700 trailers on their lot and online at all times, one call to their knowledgeable staff will answer any questions their potential customers might have regarding everything from landscaping to living quarter horse trailers. Leonard will even complete the remote process with nationwide delivery. If someone already has their perfect RV, they can rely on Leonard Truck and Trailer’s service department for affordable repair, replacement parts, maintenance, and accessories.

Leonard Truck and Trailer caters not only to personal demands, but also to lawn care, construction, and every other company from Erie to Columbus who is picking up speed now that spring has arrived. Leonard Truck and Trailer has a wide selection of livestock and landscaping trailers to keep businesses running smoothly. Hauling of hardscaping materials is easy with a 16’ Load Trail dump trailer. Transporting the landscaping or construction equipment for any application is easier with a 20’ stealth enclosed trailer. Cattle and horse breeders will both appreciate Leonard’s wide selection of livestock trailers when perusing their inventory in person or online. OTR drivers can even get the required DOT inspections and trailer system checks to make sure they meet deadlines at their comprehensive service department.

With spring bringing motivation to plan travels to get out of the house, everyone fro Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Columbus, Ohio, can trust Leonard Truck and Trailer to get them the best and most affordable fifth wheel travel trailer. When shows return, they will also find one of the most extensive collections across the country of horse trailers with and without living quarters. Maybe they would like to give the trailer they love so much an overhaul. This new and used trailer dealer has a service department that provides everything from awning installations and accessories to replacement parts. Their affordable repair and maintenance cannot be beaten.  Whether someone in Erie, Pennsylvania, needs to upgrade their landscaping trailers or another in Cleveland, Ohio, is searching for the most efficient livestock trailer, Leonard offers nationwide delivery and in-house trailer financing. Anyone can give them a call at 330.565.1327 when looking for the best use of their stimulus check or income tax refund.

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