Learn Ways to Save Gas from the Auto Care Experts at Ganley Ford Barberton in Norton, Ohio

Bills, expenses, and untimely surprises can combine to test and stress the best budgeter. Sure, some bills and expenses are fixed amounts. But others can fluctuate at frustrating rates. Utility costs, grocery bills, and auto fuel included. Fortunately, you can influence what you can’t control. And the auto care experts at Ganley Ford Barberton in Norton, Ohio want drivers in neighboring Akron, Ohio; Stow, Ohio; and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio to know how easily fuel costs can be contained. Rooted in regular vehicle maintenance and highlighted by driving habits, the following ways to save gas make sense.

The price at the pump is unpredictable. You know that as well as the auto care experts who want to empower you. What is predictable, however, is your car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV’s need for regular vehicle maintenance. Oil and filter changes lead this list that wouldn’t be complete with mention of tune-ups and talk of tires. Here’s why:

Benefits of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

  • Properly oiled engines run smoother. Those with low oil levels or dirty oil work harder.

Low oil wears parts, dirt causes clogs, and the harder an engine works the more fuel it burns.

  • Tune-ups often include the installation of fresh spark plugs per auto manufacturer specifications.

Spark plugs start the combustion in a combustion engine and thereby create the power to move.

  • All service by auto care experts includes a check of tire tread and proper inflation of all tires.

Underinflated tires increase a vehicle’s rolling resistance and make it burn more gas as it goes.

Minus these benefits, your vehicle can struggle to start, go, and keep moving. And allowing your engine to work harder than it should atop tires that are compounding the problem gives meaning to the old saying, “sticking your foot in the gas tank.” So do some driving habits that people in Norton, Akron, Stow, and Cuyahoga Falls share. And perhaps the most problematic habit in a chat about ways to save gas is something most of us do before we pull off – excessive idling.

If you let your vehicle idle longer than a minute, auto care experts say you’re burning more fuel that it would take to restart the engine. Here in Northeast Ohio, we may not be able to trim idle time when warming up our cars. But we can pay attention to how long we sit with our feet in our gas tanks while in the line at the bank or in the parking lot at work. We can also be mindful of how quickly we pull off when we do make a move. Because avoiding rapid acceleration holds rank on every list of ways to save gas

Now that you know how regular vehicle maintenance and driving habits can help you save gas, make the changes that can save your cash. For specific input on ways to save gas with your vehicle, consult the auto care experts at Ganley Ford Barberton. A compact car that darts from Akron, Ohio to Stow, Ohio will consume fuel differently than a dually that does business in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. So go to www.ganleyford.com or call 330.745.9081 to make a personal service appointment complete with a concise conversation.

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