Learn about Water Heater Repair and Replacement from Bell Plumbing of New Philadelphia, Ohio

By Gemma Chriss

Residents throughout the Dover, Ohio; New Philadelphia, Ohio; and Uhrichsville, Ohio areas all agree that having a broken water heater in one’s home is a major inconvenience. No one relishes the thought of taking an ice-cold shower or scrubbing dishes without the advantage of hot water. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to run into a situation where the temperature of one’s water is on the low side. The good news is that the plumbing technicians from Bell Plumbing are also water heater specialists. Individuals who find themselves in need of water heater repair or replacement can receive prompt, high-quality service from Bell Plumbing just by giving this local business a call. They can even learn about the conventional, tankless, hybrid, and solar water heaters that Bell Plumbing has available.

In many cases, water heater repair is all that’s needed to restore one’s water to the proper temperature. A few of the most common problems include faulty wiring, defective heating elements, and leaky pressure relief valves. Luckily for those who reside in the New Philadelphia, Dover, and Uhrichsville areas, Bell Plumbing has the knowledge and equipment necessary to correct such issues in a quick and efficient manner. Their skilled, licensed, and bonded plumbing technicians strive to answer each service call as soon as possible in order to prevent customers from having to go without hot water for an extended period.

Of course, the water heater specialists from Bell Plumbing note that some units may be too far gone for repair. In such cases, water heater replacement is often a more cost-effective option. Since most homeowners are only familiar with conventional water heaters, Bell Plumbing’s team often takes the time to explain the alternative products they have available, including tankless, hybrid, and solar water heaters. Though conventional water heaters (gas or electric) keep water at a set temperature, they’re not the best choice for those looking to reduce energy costs. Tankless water heaters have become more popular over the years as they can reduce water heating bills by up to thirty percent. A hybrid heat pump water heater that obtains energy from the air and uses it to heat water can reduce utility costs even further, while solar water heaters that utilize energy from the sun can turn any home into an eco-friendly dwelling. Since there are benefits and drawbacks to each unit, Bell Plumbing works one-on-one with every customer to make sure they choose the right option for their budget and needs.

Additional information about water heater repair and replacement from Bell Plumbing can be found online at www.bellplumbingoh.com. Those who visit Bell Plumbing’s website can learn more about conventional water heaters, tankless water heaters, hybrid water heaters, and solar water heaters, including the pros and cons of each. However, individuals throughout the Dover, Ohio; New Philadelphia, Ohio; and Uhrichsville, Ohio areas who find themselves in need of a water heater specialist are encouraged to contact Bell Plumbing directly at 330.705.0267. This local business will dispatch one of their plumbing technicians as quickly as possible.

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