Lake Erie Golf Cars Provides Golf Car Customization for Your Street Legal Ohio Ride!

During the winter, it’s every golfer’s dream to be out playing 18 in the sunshine under the clear blue Ohio skies. And while the snow may have it appear unrealistic, Lake Erie Golf Cars near Cleveland, Ohio is still hard at work perfecting your golfer’s vehicle. We all know that a golfer’s best friend is actually the golf car, and with the growing popularity of street legal golf cars, Lake Erie Golf Cars has seen a demand for new golf car parts and accessories. Lake Erie Golf Cars can provide the golf car customization you need to get ready for your long-awaited March tee-off or, for the more adventurous—state-of-the-art customization that can transform your golf car into a street legal, cost-effective, custom recreational vehicle that you can drive around the Cincinnati, Ohio or Columbus, Ohio streets!

It is no secret that golf cars are being transformed more and more into custom recreational vehicles. Columbus retirement communities use them as a means of transportation around the grounds, Cincinnati hotels and resorts use them for shuttle service, lake communities around Cleveland use them for quick trips to the boat or beaches, and they are now being found on streets and boulevards across the country!

Hold on…STREET LEGAL golf cars? Yes! Golf car customization is the key to transforming your golf car from a vehicle used to cruise the greens into a custom recreational vehicle ready to pick up groceries, take the kids to school, or just to save on gas when finances are tight.

The Ohio Revised Code states that golf cars are permissible to drive on residential streets and 45mph or under on highways, provided the golf car meets the following standards:

  • Seatbelts
  • Lighted License Plate Holder
  • Windshield
  • Rear View Mirror
  • Horn
  • Turn Signals
  • Headlights, Taillights and Brake lights

Lake Erie Golf Cars can do all of this and more! They also offer new parts such as engines, clutches, tires, roofs and suspension systems that can make your golf car the talk of the streets! Have a theme in mind to customize the “look” of your golf car? Lake Erie Golf Cars can do that too! There are many ways to get a quote on new golf car parts and accessories or golf car customization. You just have to contact Lake Erie Golf Cars!

For more information about Lake Erie Golf Cars and the golf car customization they can do for you, visit their website at There are a number of photos of custom recreational vehicles they’ve customized for past customers, so you can easily find inspiration for your own new street legal golf car. When you decide you need some new golf car parts and accessories for your current vehicle, or a new vehicle altogether, take the trip from Cincinnati, Ohio or Columbus, Ohio to Lake Erie Golf Cars, located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

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