La Dolce Vita Offers Fresh Handmade Pizza & Pasta Dishes for Carry-Out to Shaker Heights, Ohio, and Beyond

By Fiona Vernon

The relaxing atmosphere that summer lends is a thing of the past with the gradually decreasing temperatures signaling the imminent arrival of fall. Everyone from Shaker Heights, Ohio, to Berea, Ohio, who is looking for a break from their busy fall routine with authentic Italian cuisine and wines will love the warm and friendly welcome they receive when they walk through the doors of La Dolce Vita. This local Italian restaurant is not only a restaurant with family style dinners, but they also offer fresh handmade pasta dishes and pizza for carry-out. This restaurant in Little Italy offers the perfect atmosphere for a fun evening out with their Opera Nights, as well as a venue for special occasions, such as rehearsal dinners and anniversary parties. Everyone from Independence, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, craving the charm of a European bistro with everything from eight-course meals to cappuccino and dessert can enjoy “the sweet life” at La Dolce Vita.

With school starting and people entering the sometimes-stressful mentality of preparing for the onslaught of harsh weather and busy holidays, everyone from Berea to Independence can rely on the fresh handmade pasta dishes at La Dolce Vita for a blissful break from their busy fall routines. Whether a family is looking for pasta dishes or pizza for carry-out or a couple is looking for a romantic evening with authentic Italian cuisine and wine, this local Italian restaurant goes above and beyond. Their variety of pizzas include Tomato or Spinach Quatro Formaggi with tomato sauce and feta, fontinella, parmesan, and mozzarella cheeses; the Venizia pizza with spinach, veal sausage, roasted red peppers, and fontinella cheese; and so much more. La Dolce Vita creates exquisite entrées, like Chicken wrapped in prosciutto and the Polo Pomodoro, which is a breast of chicken in white wine and topped with imported plum tomatoes, garlic, parmesan, and French feta cheese.

This restaurant in Little Italy not only serves mouth-watering authentic Italian cuisine as a family style dinner, but they also provide a superb atmosphere for a venue for special occasions. The most popular time to get engaged is the holidays, and La Dolce Vita is the perfect place to both pop the question and reserve as a venue for the rehearsal dinner. Anyone from Shaker Heights to Mentor can also get a great start to their week by joining La Dolce Vita for Opera Night on varying Mondays. Their Facebook Page  is updated on a regular basis with the times and dates of their events. Their Opera Night series gives performers a chance to connect the opera with diners on an intimate level, while allowing diners to enjoy the sweet life with fresh handmade pasta dishes. Robert Soffer had this to say:

“The only place of its kind in Cleveland: great food, atmosphere, and periodic dinner-time opera.”

Italian opera singer Jonathan Cilia-Faro met the owner of La Dolce Vita, Terry Tarantino, by chance after he moved to Cleveland and began gracing the guests of this restaurant in Little Italy with his beautiful tenor voice. With the authentic Italian cuisine and wines accompanied by Opera Night, everyone from Independence, Ohio, to Shaker Heights, Ohio, can get a break from their busy fall routines in addition to relishing in fresh handmade pizza and pasta dishes for carry-out and dining in. Not only does this local Italian restaurant offer family style dinners, but their patrons have found that they are the perfect venue for special occasions, like rehearsal dinners. Everyone from Berea, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, will love the fantastic ambience and exquisite food at La Dolce Vita.

La Dolce Vita
12112 Mayfield Rd
Cleveland, OH 44106
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