La Dolce Vita near Beachwood, Ohio, is a Graduation Party Venue That Boasts Authentic Italian Family Style Cuisine

By Fiona Vernon

There are many wonderful effects when the spring sun is consistently shining — which includes elevated moods, extra motivation, and a considerable increase in energy. It’s also the time of year when people are gearing up for celebrations with friends and family that represent certain milestones in their lives, from graduations to weddings. Anyone from Mayfield Village, Ohio, to Lakewood, Ohio, who is looking for a restaurant with family style dinners that use organic and local ingredients when they are available can reserve a time to enjoy La Dolce Vita. This local Italian restaurant in Little Italy not only boasts Italian wines and fresh handmade pasta in their authentic Italian cuisine, but they also provide unique entertainment for all ages with Opera Night. Individuals from East Cleveland, Ohio, to Beachwood, Ohio, with even the most discerning palates who are looking for a graduation party venue or a rehearsal dinner restaurant will be fully satisfied when they celebrate at La Dolce Vita.

Children spend the majority of their lives in school and graduation from high school and college represents the freedom to live their lives as they choose. Whether a high school senior from East Cleveland is having a small celebration with their family or another from Beachwood is inviting a few friends and family, La Dolce Vita is the perfect graduation party venue. This local Italian restaurant takes pride in using the freshest ingredients available, including local and organic when possible. With the nicer weather, anyone visiting for a night out will adore the fresh handmade pasta and every course. This restaurant in Little Italy excels at perfecting authentic Italian cuisine, while being devoted to providing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for everything from eight course dinners to coffee and Italian wines, while enjoying Opera Night on Mondays. Their mission is to treat everyone who walks through their door like family and prepare the perfect meal for them.

Not only is La Dolce Vita a great graduation party venue, but this restaurant in Little Italy is also the perfect location to bring one’s family for a rehearsal dinner. June is well known for being the most popular time of year to get married; however, the number of weddings in October has recently surpassed it. Rehearsal dinners are a tradition in the US that generally include the betrothed couple, the parents, and the wedding party gathering after the church rehearsal the night before the matrimonial event. The purpose of a rehearsal dinner is essentially to have long distance relatives and friends of the couple meet and have a good time together, as well as allowing the couple to thank everyone for being involved in their happy occasion. The stress of planning is over, and everyone can sit back and enjoy the family-style dinner that La Dolce Vita presents. Everyone from Mayfield Village to Lakewood who has enjoyed passing around large bowls of authentic Italian cuisine at Grandma’s house on Sundays will appreciate the comfortable family atmosphere that La Dolce Vita provides.

Technology has made life a little more efficient but much busier for many people from Lakewood, Ohio, to Beachwood, Ohio, and individuals tend to look to special occasions to relax and enjoy “The Sweet Life”. Anyone who is looking for a restaurant that uses organic or local ingredients as a rehearsal dinner or graduation party venue can rely on finding the best authentic Italian cuisine served as a family style dinner at La Dolce Vita. This local Italian restaurant in Little Italy serves fresh handmade pasta and Italian wines, as well as providing entertainment with Opera Nights on Mondays! Anyone from East Cleveland, Ohio, to Mayfield Village, Ohio, will love the fresh basil and parsley, imported whole tomatoes, and enticing atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home dine at La Dolce Vita!

La Dolce Vita
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Cleveland, Ohio 44106
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