Kylcase Metals Offers Canton Residents a Chance to Earn Cash for Their Unwanted Scrap Metal

Do you have an old car or washing machine in Northeast Ohio that you just have no use for anymore? Instead of allowing it to rust away and become an eyesore, you should consider contacting Kylcase Metals in Canton, Ohio and see about recycling your scrap metal. This family owned local scrap yard in Stark County, Ohio can help you earn cash for your unwanted scrap metal such as old cars, appliances, copper, brass and more.

Kylcase Metals is a family owned and operated company that has been serving the communities of Stark County since 2005. This local scrap yard in Canton offers on site scrap metal recycling, commercial roll-off service and specialize in buying, selling and processing titanium alloys and other high-temp alloys. The facility is fully equipped to handle and process your scrap metal and its staff of friendly, honest professionals is available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

But what kind of scrap metals does Kylcase Metals acquire?

You can earn cash for your ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals, such as sheet iron, copper tubing and wiring, brass, aluminum cans, radiators and stainless steel. They also provide competitive prices for your scrap automobiles. “Cash for Clunkers” may have come and gone, but there is still money to be made from your used automobile.

Kylcase Metals is far more than just a “junk yard”.

At Kylcase Metals, you will find that they offer the best prices on scrap metal in Northeast Ohio. Along with its growing retail purchasing division, its specialty lies in the buying, selling and processing of titanium alloys. Processing services include: torch cutting, shearing, briquetting of titanium fines, a full turnings processing line as well as an ISO-9001 compliant feedstock shearing and shot-blasting department. With over 100 years of combined titanium experience among its team of employees and management, it’s no surprise that Kylcase Metal has a competitive edge in both pricing and operations. They offer a fast turnaround with its fully equipped facility and have the capacity and capabilities to handle large quantities of titanium.

But why should you recycle your scrap metal?

When you recycle metal you help improve the environment by conserving natural resources and energy. Aluminum cans are constantly reused and by recycling one can, you could conserve enough energy to run your television for three hours! So imagine the benefit of recycling a couple dozen.

So if you are looking to earn cash for your scrap metal in Stark County, Ohio, then look no further than Kylcase Metals, LLC in Canton, Ohio. This local, family owned scrap yard will help you properly and safely recycle your old scrap metal, while offering you the best prices in Northeast Ohio. For more information about the types of scrap metal they take, visit or contact them personally at 330.438.0055.

Kylcase Metals, LLC
1416 Maple Ave NE
Canton, Ohio 44705