K&K Heating & Cooling Helps Brecksville, Ohio, With Affordable AC Repair & Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

By Fiona Vernon

Temperatures have risen to record highs in some areas, making people from Broadview Heights, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, uncomfortable enough to stay indoors a little more lately. Homeowners who have started receiving their summer cooling bills and are sweating at the thought of paying even higher ones as the heat increases can follow the tips for staying cool this summer while saving on utility bills that K&K Heating and Cooling can provide. This local heating and cooling company wants to help families with energy savings while they are running their AC, so they provide affordable AC maintenance and repair, as well as free estimates on their already affordable air conditioner installation, to help them improve their home’s efficiency. It can be miserable on a 90-degree day when the AC isn’t working, so anyone from North Royalton, Ohio, to Brecksville, Ohio, looking for a trustworthy and reliable business that provides premium service can find every service they need with one phone call to K&K Heating and Cooling.

One of the best ways to achieve energy savings while running the AC is to take advantage of the frequent discounts that K&K Heating and Cooling offers on their already affordable AC maintenance. This can help any air conditioning unit from Independence to North Royalton run at its most efficient state so that it doesn’t use extra effort and energy to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. With the fact that adding a programmable thermostat improves a home’s efficiency, this local heating and cooling company also excels at installing Honeywell and Nexia smart home thermostats to save on utility bills. A tip for staying cool this summer is to exchange filters every month to prevent dirt and dust buildup, allowing it to efficiently move more air. Not replacing them regularly can lead to a phone call to K&K Heating & Cooling for a necessary, yet affordable, AC repair. Other ways to keep a home cool is to close the window treatments during the day when the sun is shining, turn ceiling fans counter-clockwise to create a wind-chill effect, strategically place table and floor fans where it could be warmer, and turning the whole hose fan on in the evenings when the outside temperature is cooler. K&K is trusted by many, and Chauncy Brown III had this to say about how reputable they are:

“Keith was awesome! Had another company tell me the whole unit needed to be replaced! Keith came out and replaced some bad wires now my house has AC! Definitely calling them again. Thanks!”

Even when someone from Broadview Heights to Brecksville takes the proper steps to maintain their AC unit, normal deterioration that occurs over time can cause someone to awaken in the morning to find that their AC isn’t working. One phone call to K&K Heating and Cooling can get them there to determine what the problem might be. If an affordable AC repair isn’t possible, they present the homeowner with every possibility available to help them meet each budget requirement so that they can decide what is best for their situation. They even offer financing options. This local heating and cooling company gathers all the information and presents a free estimate on their already affordable air conditioning installation. Their friendly technicians and professional services make them a favorite amongst many, and Shannon Dolan had this to say about their service:

”Richie and K&K are now our go to people for any questions, comments, and concerns we have. We are beyond grateful that he was willing and able to come and remove a bird from our furnace motor on New Year’s Day evening. Not only did he fix our problem, but Richie was so fun to talk to! Our house isn’t an icebox anymore and we’re so happy about that!”

Whether a family in North Royalton, Ohio, comes home at the end of the day to a warmer house than necessary because their AC isn’t working or someone in Broadview Heights, Ohio, dreads their next electric bill and wants to improve their home’s efficiency, K&K Heating and Cooling provides affordable AC maintenance, repair, and installation. This local heating and cooling company can help homeowners with their tips for staying cool this summer and are called back time and again to help people save on utility bills over the years because they are so trustworthy. They service all major brands of HVAC systems; however, if the problem is too big to big repaired, they will provide a free estimate on a wide selection of air conditioner installation options. Anyone from Brecksville, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, who is looking for energy savings while running the AC can rely on K&K Heating and Cooling for highly-trained and educated professional work!
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