KicKintheAPP Has New York City Mobile App Solutions

KicKintheAPP is the solution for businesses and organizations, big and small, in the New York City area who are looking for an affordable, customizable cell phone app or mobile device app. A mobile phone app is the best possible to way to stay in contact with your customers near and far, but many people are unsure of how to begin the development process. With one of a kind software, KicKintheAPP can help your New York City business or organization create a mobile app personalized specifically for you.

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The best part of creating your mobile app with KicKintheAPP is that the cell phone app or mobile app is truly a reflection of you and your business, organization, non-profit, school, municipality, etc., not the company that developed it. You can add your logo, you choose your icon, pick your categories, colors and fonts, choose the functions that are the best solutions for your business, and more. Once you have completed your initial set up, the phone app goes to the KicKintheAPP development team. They will code your mobile app for each platform—iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android—and get it into each respective store or marketplace.

Once fully developed, you can update aspects of your mobile app at will. There are a few changes that will require the assistance of the development team, but nearly everything can be handled in house by your New York City organization. This includes the ability to send push notifications to your customers and clients. That means that each time you update your cell phone app, for example if you add new content, your mobile app users will be informed instantly! KicKintheAPP is your communications solution, and reaching your patrons has never been easier.

Another advantage of creating your cell phone app or mobile device app with KicKintheAPP is price. KicKintheAPP provides your small, locally owned business or your large corporation, with an incredible product and service for a fraction of the cost that other developers will charge.

New York City is an undisputed center of industry, and it needs a reliable company which creates cutting edge software and stays on top of emerging technologies. That company is KicKintheAPP. Cell phone apps and mobile apps are constantly evolving, with new features becoming available, and more.

Mobile device apps and cell phone apps developed by KicKintheAPP are true native apps. A native mobile app offers advantages over mobile websites. The primary advantage is that they do not require the user to have an active internet connection to use the cell phone app or receive updates—all they need is cellular service.

KicKintheAPP is the mobile device app and cell phone app developer that never rests, and is perfect for the city that never sleeps. So, if you are a New York City business or organization in need of an app for cell phones and mobile devices, then visit There you will find an informative video illustrating much of what your new mobile app can do for you, and you will have an opportunity to begin creating your customized app. Still not sure if a cell phone app and mobile device app is the solution for you? Explore the website, and don’t forget the company logo:…everybody needs one!!