Inst-I-Glass Offers Quick, Affordable Window Repair for Your Akron, Ohio Home

Do you need window repair for your home because of a cracked or broken window? Do you need fogged glass repair? With winter fast approaching in the Akron, Ohio and Canton, Ohio area, no one wants to leave a broken or cracked window unfixed. Most glass repair companies will place plywood, tape, or cardboard over a broken window until new glass can be cut and installed; a process that can last up to two weeks! In the middle of winter, using tape and cardboard doesn’t seem all that ideal for installation. Inst-I-Glass offers a unique, innovative solution to fix broken glass.

Inst-I-Glass offers window repair for your home. And a trained glass technician can come to your home or business to install a replacement for your window on-site! The majority of glass repair companies make you wait a few visits while they gather an estimate before coming back with a repair, but Inst-I-Glass can get all of that done in one appointment. Inst-I-Glass believes in giving each customer high-quality glass repair, quick installation, and superior customer service.

Whether you are running a business or you’re a homeowner in the Akron or Canton area, replacing windows can be costly. Not only do you have to fix broken glass, but you will also have to pay extra in heat until the material is replaced. If you have a shattered window, even if you have attempted to repair it with tape or cardboard, your heating bill can increase up to twice as much a month! A window repair shop that can take up to two weeks or more to repair your window can be costly for you.

Even fogged glass can be costly. Fogged glass not only makes your windows look constantly dirty but they also have a lower insulating value. Fogged glass that has moisture between the panes (seal failure) is not attractive or energy efficient. When someone has a fogged window pane it can be their first instinct to replace the whole window. Rather than replacing the entire window, you can simply repair it. Fogged glass repair can be more cost effective and efficient for you or your company.

There has been an increased interest in preserving and fixing a window pane rather than replacing. Inst-I-Glass specializes in the restoration of your existing windows and doors, avoiding the expense and hassle of buying brand-new windows. Replacing only the glass saves you time and money. It’s also a greener choice, restoring energy efficiency, reducing pollution from manufacturing, and preventing needless landfill burden.

If you think your Akron, Ohio or Canton, Ohio home could benefit from fogged glass repair or window repair for your home visit the Inst-I-Glass website,, for an estimate. You can even send an instant message straight through your computer for a free, prompt quote. Inst-I-Glass can help keep your home warm and safe this winter if you enlist their help to fix broken glass. Let Inst-I-Glass keep your heat in and unwanted guests out with newly repaired windows this winter. To get more information on Inst-I-Glass, give them a call at 877-704-6784.