Industries in Jacksonville, Florida, can Call Alco Spring for Hot Wound Coil Springs & Testing of Raw Materials

By Fiona Vernon

Alco Spring Industries, a division of the A. Stucki Company, has been delivering hot wound coil springs to companies around the world for over 100 years. Their full line of high quality springs, whether manufacturing one or one million, are made from the world’s best materials and are engineered for peak performance. A diverse customer base from Chicago Heights, Illinois, to Jacksonville, Florida — including transportation, agriculture, energy, freight car, railroad, mining, snow removal, track tensioners, and vehicle suspension — relies on their industrial springs. This engineering and manufacturing company empowers success in all their highly productive and dedicated people that have a foundation in values not only in their commercial aftermarket and OEM springs, but also with their inspection and testing of raw materials. The large raw material department at Alco Spring works with an extremely wide range of bar diameters starting at ½ inch, heights up to 60 inches, and weights from one pound to 2,000. They possess the ability to work closely with each customer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Sacramento, California, in order to design and implement products, inspection, and testing that will exceed the needs of even the most demanding of clients.

Alco Spring Industries remains in the same 27-acre land on which it was established in Chicago Heights over 100 years ago. The trains going by intermittently are reminders of the considerable role that the railroad has played in the growth of this engineering and manufacturing company. They initially supplied their high-quality commercial springs for locomotives, from freight car springs to leaf springs. They are now a subsidiary of the A. Stucki Company in Pittsburgh and remain one of the few SMI member companies that manufactures large hot wound coil springs to clients from Sacramento to Jacksonville. This railroad supply company gradually regrew their commitment to the aftermarket and OEM springs segments, while extending their services throughout the years into new markets with new products — including bolster pocket wear plates, inner and outer springs, horizontal wear liners, pedestal filler blocks, retainer plates, slope plates, vertical ring wear liners, yoke pins, and more.

The raw materials department of Alco Spring is more extensive than most SMI member companies. Not only do they have the comprehensive inspection and testing of raw materials, but they work with bar diameters of ½ inch to four inches, a free height up to 60 inches, and an outside diameter of 1 ½ inches to 26 inches. Additionally, their single, double, and triple hot wound coil springs can weigh from one pound to as much as 2,000 pounds. They have developed exceptional relationships with various steel mills and specialty vendors in order to supply the quality inspection and testing of raw materials that any client may require. The company is run with the idea that not one person knows everything, but that it takes everyone working in conjunction with each other. They function on the premise that people are the most important asset to a thriving business.

As the A. Stucki Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has thrived in the railroad marketplace over the past 100 years, the acquiring of businesses with whom they had developed relationships and relied on became great methods of growth from every angle. They acquired a long history with century-old Alco Spring Industries of Chicago Heights, Illinois, and appreciated their dedication to their craft of high quality commercial springs. This railroad supply company not only excelled at railroad freight car springs, but they also expanded into hot wound coil springs and the inspection and testing of raw materials for a vast array of customers from Sacramento, California, to Jacksonville, Florida. Anyone looking for aftermarket and OEM springs of any size and spec can rely on the engineering and manufacturing of Alco Spring’s state-of-the-art facility with their streamlined operations to meet a wide variety of needs from around the world.
Alco Spring Industries
2300 Euclid Avenue
Chicago Heights, Illinois 60411
800.736.ALCO (2526)

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