Industries in Detroit, Michigan, and Beyond Can Rely on Seco Urethane for Custom-Cast Compression Molded Parts

By Fiona Vernon

Industries from Detroit, Michigan, to Tacoma, Washington, that consistently employ heavy-duty applications are frequently searching for products with physical properties that can handle the excessive stress that will be put upon them. The countless uses of urethane are relatively unknown in the parts industry, because it offers qualities superior to those of commodity polymers — including durability, impact resistance, and improved wear. A. Stucki Company has led the international development and application of railcar dynamic, or motion control products, since 1911. Seco Urethane, an extension of Seco Machine, is America’s leading urethane product producer and supplier, specializing in custom-cast urethane parts for railway cars. Seco, a contractor manufacturer, is now an integral part of A. Stucki’s precision-engineered urethane damping components and compression molded parts, as well as prototype sample parts. Any industry from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, can take advantage of their legacy of providing customers with the highest quality railcar components with significant support regardless of the scope or size of the contract by partnering with Seco Urethane.

Seco Machine, extending to Seco Urethane, started as a small family-owned company and was well known for its ability to fill orders from Detroit to Milwaukee quickly. They became a trusted supplier for A. Stucki Company, resulting in their acquisition, as they were a perfect match to the upstanding business methods to which they conducted their own business. Seco Urethane boasts an ability to reverse engineer and prototype sample parts with extremely short lead times, as well as possessing such a streamlined operation that it excels at small, specialized tasks. This urethane product supplier 3D laser scans components and turns them into CAD models that are machined into a mold directly from the scanned data. Custom cast compression molded urethane parts are then poured for the customers to test. Not many companies that exist have access to the high-technology tools and skill sets that are available from the dedicated employees at Seco Machine. This contract manufacturer thrives on any sized job, from sizeable ones to smaller tasks that larger polymer suppliers cannot handle.

Seco Urethane outrivals any industry from Erie to Tacoma with their urethane damping components. To achieve the damping effect, urethane components are employed to decrease and absorb energy. This urethane parts producer also incorporates their urethane into suspension components for the same characteristics. With scientific concepts, Seco applies this practice to a vast array of other precision engineered applications where impact and vibration might cause breakdown or failure. These developments have advanced the technology of railcar motion control products and a wide selection of railcar components with the custom cast urethane parts for railway cars in which they specialize.

The earliest formulation at Seco Urethane, spawning from Seco Machine, included only one material of one hardness in one color and has developed, with the growth and assistance of A. Stucki Company, to today’s ability to process custom cast compression molded urethane parts for railway cars from 40A to 80D-level hardness in a variety of formulas and colors for a wide variety of industries. Their improved formulations and developments that allow them to mix in specialty additives to enhance certain properties comes from working with customers from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Detroit, Michigan, to find solutions to a wide variety of problems. This urethane product supplier and parts producer not only specializes in railcar motion control products with their urethane damping railcar components, but they also create prototype sample parts for the technical development of materials. Anyone from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Tacoma, Washington, looking for a comprehensive contract manufacturer will find all that they need in a dedicated, passionate partner with one call to Seco Urethane.
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