Individuals from Massillon, Ohio, Can Find Healthy Food Alternatives, Like Grass-Fed Meats, at Arukah Market

By Fiona Vernon

Western, conventional, and mainstream are words used to describe the system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals focus on treating illnesses and symptoms using drugs, surgery, radiation, and other research-based treatments. Eastern, or traditional Chinese medicine, has evolved over thousands of years and uses homeopathic remedies, such as herbal medicines and various natural mind and body practices to treat illnesses and their symptoms. In the United States, many people visit doctors only when they are unwell and use Eastern practices as a complementary approach to their health. As time progresses, a combination of these schools of thought are becoming more common, while utilizing more natural foods and products to prevent disease and maintain health. Many of the cells that make up the human body regenerate every few months, and do so with the nutrients that are available to them. If individuals in North Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; and beyond ingest only preservatives and chemicals, the cells can develop abnormally. If people choose to ingest healthy food alternatives — like non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free foods — the cells will have a superior quality of vitamins and minerals from which to choose, resulting in healthy cells functioning at their full capacity. Arukah Market believes that great food is the best medicine and opened their store to provide products that maintain or improve human health — from grass-fed butter, grass-fed meats, kobe beef, and wild caught fish to local raw honey, environmentally-safe cleaning supplies, and essential oils. Anyone can take the short drive from Alliance, Ohio, and beyond to peruse their vast array of nourishing and healthful products.

Arukah Market, “The Better for You Store”, is the brainstorm of a nurse who sought to find a way to share his healthful experiences with the world. He wanted to offer his unique knowledge regarding healthy living, holistic care, and homeopathic remedies, while providing the community with healthy food alternatives that promote well-being. Nearly every ailment from which individuals suffer is the direct result of a lack of vitamins and minerals the body needs to function at its best. Arukah Market offers a wide selection of grass-fed meats, which are significantly better than the grain-fed animals that often acquire many health problems; additionally, their grass-fed butter is made from milk produced by pasture-raised cows. Many people in and around North Canton have felt the positive effects of choosing healthy food alternatives, and wild caught fish is no exception. Farm-raised fish are often fed antibiotics and treated with pesticides to fight off disease, which gets into their cells and, consequently, into the cells of those who eat them. They also stock specialty meats that are less commonly found in standard grocery stores, including Kobe beef, elk, bison, venison, lamb, and goat. Arukah Market knows the important qualities of and carries local raw honey, which has excellent flavor in conjunction with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Anyone from Massillon and beyond can visit “The Better for You Store” to find the non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free foods that will complete their pantry.

Not only do the foods people ingest affect the way their body functions, but so do the things that they breathe and apply to their skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs anything put onto it because of its porousness. The rate of absorption differs on the product used, but an average of 60% of chemicals applied are taken into the body, from cosmetics to cleaning supplies. Inhalation is also one of the quickest methods of getting something into one’s body. People in and around Alliance may not have a choice what they inhale when they are outside, but that’s even more reason to choose what they breathe when they have an option. Arukah Market carries environmentally-safe cleaning products, because the harsh chemicals in laundry detergents and deodorants may also contribute to air pollution and are harmful if inhaled or touched. These chemicals can enter the body through the lungs and the skin, so choosing alternative cleaning products will support cells as they regenerate. A product that can help with cleaning, as well as maintaining or helping to repair health, are essential oils. Arukah Market carries an impressive selection of NOW Foods essential oils, which can be benefited from in any of three ways — inhalation, topically, and ingestion. Applying them topically can help target specific areas, while inhaling them is one of the fastest methods for them to get to the cells that will utilize them. A combination of natural products is the most effective path to improved health.

Living a healthy lifestyle is one the best gifts that anyone from Alliance, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; and beyond can give themselves. Whether they use environmentally-safe cleaning supplies, search out healthy food alternatives, or choose homeopathic remedies, Arukah Market carries the necessary products for anyone’s holistic choices. They can ask the knowledgeable owners for guidance in essential oils and what would best suit their needs or peruse their wide selections of non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free foods. This wellness store carries local raw honey for its many benefits, as well as grocery items that are free from antibiotics and pesticides, such as grass-fed meats and butter, wild caught fish, and kobe beef. Whether someone is just beginning their adventure in choosing healthier alternatives or they have been fully committed to their health for years, it is only a short drive from North Canton, Ohio, and beyond to visit Arukah Market, where they can find everything they need!

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