Hunters in Alliance, Ohio, Trust Kames Sports for Affordable Estrous Scents, Buck Decoys & Compound Bows

By Fiona Vernon

It always seems like the green leaves transition overnight to show their beautiful colors. This can only mean that the time of year is fast approaching for which many hunters save their vacation days — deer season! No matter the choice of weapon, Kames Sports can help anyone from Myers Lake, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, prepare for deer hunting season with their vast array of hunting gear. Whether someone needs hunting accessories or the knowledge of how to attract bucks, this local sporting goods store carries a wide selection of affordable scent eliminators, estrous scents, rattling antler sounds, tree stands, hunting boots, buck decoys, trail cameras, and carbon express arrows. For everything from deer attractants to traditional recurve, compound, and crossbow packages, Kames Sports has everything the avid or recreational hunter from North Lawrence, Ohio, to Louisville, Ohio, needs to have a successful season.

Knowing how to attract bucks is essential to having a fun and productive hunt, and one of the best methods is with estrous scents, such as Tink’s #69 Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure, which is 100% natural doe estrous urine from live whitetails. It produces great results during the pre-rut and rut from Alliance to North Lawrence. When using deer attractants, refining effective techniques can be a process, so knowing how to best produce rattling antler sounds is key. Experienced hunters start by tickling the antlers to prevent spooking bucks that might be near. This method is best used on those calm mornings when even the smallest of noises seems to travel for miles. There are circumstances that also call for making a great deal of noise, such as when it’s raining, so clashing the antlers together will represent a fight between two large bucks and will attract others. Adding a buck decoy to this mix may help to lure them in, since they will be looking for the animal producing the noise. Kames Sports also has a wide selection of scent eliminators that create a masking effect and are 99% effective at stopping replicated human odors even 10 days after drying in study.

Humans do not have the natural weapons that many predators do, so they have learned over thousands of years to design and create tools that will do the job they intend. Hunters from Myers Lake to Louisville who are preparing for hunting season can do so with the extensive range of hunting gear and accessories from Kames Sports. This local sporting goods store has everything necessary for safe and enjoyable deer hunting, from affordable trail cameras to determine deer paths to tree stands to lay in wait for that perfect target. Insulated waterproof hunting boots will protect every hunter during a cold winter morning of trudging through slush and snow to their hunting blind. Not only do they have traditional recurve, compound, and crossbow packages, but they also boast the most advanced broadhead and carbon express arrows available. The Maxima BLU RZ features a high-tech carbon shaft designed with stiffer ends that isolate the arrow’s flex in the middle of the shaft…the RED ZONE. Testing has shown that the BLU RZ with RED ZONE technology flies broadheads as well as field points.

Hunters from Louisville, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, soon learn that there is an art to learning how to best attract bucks, while determining the appropriate hunting gear and accessories to achieve the desired results. Kames Sports provides an impressive array of scent eliminators and deer attractants, such as estrous scents, rattling antler sounds, and buck decoys. This local sporting goods store helps in the goal of tagging that big buck with affordable tree stands, trail cameras, and hunting boots, as well as a selection of carbon express arrows to use with any of the wide collection of traditional recurve, compound, and crossbow packages once the target is in sight. Avid and recreational hunters alike from North Lawrence, Ohio, to Myers Lake, Ohio, preparing for deer hunting season trust the pricing and equipment at Kames Sports.
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