Homes & Businesses Can Call EcoTec Insulation & Construction to Reduce Cooling Costs in Independence, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

The kids are out of school, meaning the summer routine has begun for many people from Boston Heights, Ohio, to Sagamore Hills, Ohio. The weather may still be sorting itself out, but it is almost time to turn on the air conditioning. Many homeowners and businesses alike dread facing the higher bills that come with making their home comfortable after paying less for a few months after the furnace was turned off; however, EcoTec Insulation and Construction can help reduce cooling costs this summer with their residential and commercial insulation. Perhaps it’s time for a homeowner in Independence, Ohio, to check into improving their home’s air quality because they have noticed an increase in their sensitivity to allergens or another in Brecksville, Ohio, would like to attempt to evaluate their current insulation and determine where it is best to have insulation added so that they are educated before they call this local insulation company. EcoTec Insulation and Construction can install the best soundproof, fireproof, mold and pest-resistant insulation with their AirKrete insulation, and clients around the country can attest to its superior performance!

The past winter seemed to last longer than usual, with the first snow being early and the last snow being well after spring had officially arrived. Mother Nature left too little a window between paying high heating bills to the time when it has become necessary to turn on the air conditioning and start the process of paying higher summer energy bills. If anyone from Independence to Sagamore Hills finds themselves in this situation and are looking to reduce their cooling costs, it’s time for them to evaluate their home’s current insulation to determine if and where it is best to have insulation added.  The first step is to determine how much insulation exists and where it is placed inside one’s home. They also need to be aware what areas may be in need of air sealing before installing insulation. It’s usually easiest to inspect through a wall outlet. After turning the power off to it and removing the cover, a flashlight will help them see how much and what kind of insulation is already in there. The thickness and R-value should be measured, as well as a variety of areas. Just because it was installed in one area, does not mean that is everywhere necessary to be effective. Homeowners can make their lives easier with one effortless phone call to the experts at EcoTec Insulation and Construction.

Not only can someone reduce their cooling costs by having residential and commercial AirKrete Insulation installed, but they will also improve their home’s air quality and increase everyday comfort. AirKrete Insulation completely fills all cavities, including door and window casings, with 0% shrinkage within the walls. EcoTec Insulation and Construction provides the benefits of more than just air quality and comfort. This soundproof and fireproof insulation features an extraordinarily high R-value, meaning high thermal conductive heat flow resistance actually stopping fire in its tracks. Anyone looking to reduce moisture will also appreciate this insulation being mold resistant, prohibiting its growth in a home’s walls and averting future respiratory issues and the need for expensive mold remediation. AirKrete Insulation is free of CFC’s and Formaldehyde, making it non-allergenic, non-toxic, and environmentally safe. One of the exceptional benefits of this commercial or residential insulation is that it is pest resistant. It contains Magnesium Oxide, causing termites and other nesting bugs to leave and dry up due to its de-oiling effects. Anyone from Brecksville to Boston Heights can call this local insulation company today to get ready for summer!

Whether a person is looking to improve their home’s air quality or wanting to reduce their frustratingly high cooling costs, one call to EcoTec Insulation and Construction can help them to evaluate their current insulation and determine where it is best to have insulation added. Businesses and homeowners alike from Sagamore Hills, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, who are looking for soundproof, mold resistant, fireproof, and pest resistant insulation can count on the commercial and residential AirKrete Insulation installed by this local insulation company. Anyone from Brecksville, Ohio, to Boston Heights, Ohio, will benefit immediately with one phone call to EcoTec Insulation and Construction.

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