Homeowners in South Russell, Ohio, Can Call EcoTec Insulation & Construction to Lower Utility Bills This Winter

By Fiona Vernon

School has started, and the memories of summer vacations are all that individuals have to get them through the long, harsh winter that is approaching. With people from Shaker Heights, Ohio, to Parma Heights, Ohio, still paying the high energy costs of their summer air conditioning bills, they are wondering how they can get through another winter of high gas and electric costs. Business and homeowners who would like to lower their utility bills this upcoming winter can call the experts at EcoTec Insulation and Construction for residential and commercial insulation. This local insulation company installs fireproof, soundproof, mold resistant, and pest resistant insulation with a high R-value. Not only does AirKrete insulation help to reduce heating costs, but it also improves any home’s air quality with its non-allergenic properties. Everyone from South Russell, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, looking for the benefits of insulation to increase their home’s resale value will love the service and products installed by EcoTec Insulation and Construction.

Owning a home is the typical American dream, but many people who purchase a home in their youth don’t know how to keep it functioning efficiently until it’s too late. One of the most confusing parts of maintaining a home from Parma Heights to South Russell is figuring out how to reduce heating and cooling costs. Good quality residential and commercial insulation helps keep the heat out during summer and keep it in during winter. The most common areas where a building loses heat are through the outlets and switches, doors, windows, fireplaces, and walls. It is essential to find an insulation with a high R-value, which is the rating of a material’s resistance to conductive heat flow in terms of its thermal resistance. EcoTec Insulation and Construction installs AirKrete insulation, completely filling all window and door casings and cavities. Everyone whose goal is to lower utility bills this winter can call this local insulation company to get ready for the cold months ahead knowing that they will be saving money this year.

Business and homeowners from Akron to Shaker Heights who are looking for the benefits that insulation can offer can call EcoTec Insulation and Construction for AirKrete insulation to improve their home’s air quality. It boasts amazing qualities that include being environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, free of CFCs and formaldehyde, and mold resistant. AirKrete’s main ingredient is Magnesium Oxide (MgO), which has been proven to reduce the global warming effect by scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere. The MgO in this pest-resistant insulation has a drying and de-oiling effect on insects, causing an uninhabitable space for termites, ants, their larvae, and every other pest. This fire-resistant insulation passes two-hour fire wall tests and has been proven to block fires from progressing. AirKrete is also the superior choice as soundproof insulation when someone is trying to keep sound in or out with the most famous example being that Neil Young used it in his recording studio. Anyone looking to increase their home’s resale value will be highly satisfied with one phone call to the EcoTec Insulation and Construction for AirKrete insulation.

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Whether a homeowner in South Russell, Ohio, wants to lower their utility bills this winter or an individual in Parma Heights, Ohio, is looking to improve their home’s air quality and comfort level, EcoTec Insulation and Construction professionally installs AirKrete Insulation. This residential and commercial insulation not only has a high R-value, but it is also fireproof, soundproof, mold resistant, and pest resistant. This local insulation company loves the results it gives every one of their clients with AirKrete’s ability to reduce heating and cooling costs. Business and homeowners from Shaker Heights, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, can call EcoTec Insulation and Construction to take advantage of the plethora of benefits that installing AirKrete insulation provides.

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