Homeowners in Parma Heights, Ohio, Can Call K&K Heating & Cooling for Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Up Specials

By Fiona Vernon

With the dangerous temperatures and flash floods that have inundated Northeast Ohio, everyone’s air conditioner has worked much harder to keep the occupants of homes and businesses from Parma Heights, Ohio, to Middleburg Heights, Ohio, cool and happy. The best part of a home is the comfortable atmosphere, and certain practices can be followed to keep its AC and furnace running efficiently. With the yearend annual AC and furnace maintenance specials offered by K&K Heating & Cooling, individuals can avoid the problems of the furnace not working when transitioning to a new season. The importance of furnace and AC maintenance cannot be understated, and this local heating and cooling company offers annual AC and furnace inspections to help families save on utility bills by improving their home’s efficiency. Whether someone in Brunswick, Ohio, needs free furnace and AC installation estimates or another in Richfield, Ohio, needs an affordable AC and furnace tune-up or repair, K&K Heating & Cooling provides priority scheduling, a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and amazing deals.

New homeowners may not be aware of the significance of keeping each system of their home operating properly so that everything runs cohesively. The extreme variances in weather from Middleburg Heights to Brunswick causes residents to rely on their furnace and AC to keep warm. Calling K&K Heating & Cooling not only offers free AC and furnace installation estimates, but they are also offering AC and furnace maintenance specials — $89 Clean and Check Specials and an $180 Maintenance Agreement to help everyone save on utility bills. The maintenance pack allows the customer one AC and one furnace check each year, with a 15% discount on repair costs, 5% off indoor air and quality costs, as well as priority scheduling. Anyone who is becoming aware of the importance of furnace maintenance can avoid their furnace not working when they turn it on during the first cold night with an annual AC and furnace inspection from this local heating and cooling company.

Affordable furnace tune-ups are necessary, because furnaces burn a combustible material to create warm air. A neglected furnace can lead to costly and dangerous repercussions — from carbon monoxide poisoning and puffbacks to high energy bills and a shortened lifespan of the furnace. Affordable AC tune-ups are essential to remove dust and debris from the coils and the various motors cleaned to avoid larger problems. Anyone from Parma Heights to Richfield can rely on the expert technicians at K&K Heating & Cooling to help them keep their AC and furnace running efficiently, consequently improving their home’s efficiency. They offer affordable AC and furnace repairs if an annual inspection results in the discovery of cracks in the combustion chamber, incorrect gas pressure, malfunctioning safety devices, improper ventilation, and anything else could cause a dangerous scenario. They will present all the details if they find an issue and options for resolving it to the homeowner so that they are well-informed and can make an educated decision on what is best for their family. K&K shows their confidence in their services by backing them up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that states if, for any reason, a client is dissatisfied with their equipment, they can call within one year of the installation date and K&K will correct the issue.

With school starting back up, people from Brunswick, Ohio, to Parma Heights, Ohio, are switching from the mindset of summer vacations to the busy routines of their fall and winter lives. Now is the time for affordable AC and furnace inspections and tune-ups, from K&K Heating & Cooling to avoid the furnace not working when it’s turned on for the first fall evening. This local heating and cooling company can help their customers save on utility bills by improving their home’s efficiency with their AC and furnace maintenance specials. They not only offer affordable AC and furnace repair if an issue is found, but they also provide free AC and furnace installation estimates for those who find that their comfort and safety would benefit from a replacement. Anyone from Richfield, Ohio, to Middleburg Heights, Ohio, can rely on K&K Heating & Cooling to keep their AC and furnace running efficiently and their family happy!

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