Homeowners in Mentor, Ohio, can Rely on Lost Pond Construction to Add Value to Their Home with a Basement Remodel

By Fiona Vernon

When a family remains in their home for many years, they take the time to customize every aspect of the house to fit their lifestyle and personality. Individuals from Shaker Heights, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, find it exciting to plan the transformations that they will make to their home throughout the years, whether it’s a small change in décor or a major remodel that will increase their house’s resale value. Lost Pond Construction is the perfect company to call when anyone in and around Chesterland, Ohio, is considering an increase to their home’s storage, or if they find that they would like the convenience of adding a home gym or media room. Basement remodels are the ideal solution when a homeowner in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, wants to add value to their home. It may not be considered livable square footage but it definitely adds merit. Any time of year is perfect when considering a lower level renovation, because the contractors will not be working directly in the living space; however, even if they did, the staff from this local home remodeling contractor is extremely conscientious about how they leave their work area when they finish for the day. Lost Pond Construction is a comprehensive company, from conception to completion, that can assist any homeowner in realizing their vision of a dream home.

Lost Pond Construction takes the time to sit down with each client, working through their ideas to make their designs come to life with an impressively thorough planning process. When they are in the middle of a kitchen construction or a basement remodel and the family’s routine is being inconvenienced, that isn’t the time to discuss what to do with a window or sliding door. The occasion for decision-making is in the planning stage. Lost Pond Construction does business on the principle that planning ahead and consulting with the customer will achieve the highest level of quality and the most satisfactory with the results. They have received many awards throughout the years from companies such as Angie’s List, Safeguard Properties, and Houzz — while maintaining an A+ rating with the BBB. They provide outstanding communication with their clients, maintain a clean work environment, and are always punctual. Lost Pond Construction’s reviews and testimonials exemplify what it means to be one of the best contractors from Mentor to Chagrin Falls, regardless of the size of the task at hand.

One of the most underrated modifications one can make to a home is a lower level renovation. It is one the most cost-effective solutions when intending to add value to a home, because the strong foundation that is required already exists. A basement remodel also increases a house’s resale value when compared to any other remodeling project. The square footage may not figure into the total for real estate purposes, but potential buyers consider it extra living space, whether it’s for storage, entertaining, or practicality. Maybe a couple in Shaker Heights wants a location in which to install fitness equipment but doesn’t have the space in the upper level of their home. Not only will adding a home gym in the basement provide a cooler place to work out, since it’s insulated by the surrounding earth, but it will also inhibit moisture and mold growth — increasing the safety of the overall foundation and living quality of the house. A simple visit to the accommodating designers at Lost Pond Construction can give anyone the jump-start they need to realize their dream home right where they already live. Perhaps a family in Chesterland wants a comfortable place to watch their TV shows. The naturally built-in acoustic qualities of a basement make it a great place for adding a media room. All one needs is the expertise of this local home remodeling contractor, theater seats, a surround sound, and a projector! Most basements are large enough to incorporate several different ideas when considering a lower level remodel. In addition to adding a home gym, man cave, or media room, the basement can also be divided and partially used to increase one’s home storage. Over the years, it’s natural to accumulate items, so having an organized storeroom in the basement is advantageous and out of the way. Regardless of the reason and desired task, anyone who has worked with the compassionate team at Lost Pond Construction can testify that utilizing them was their best decision.

Whether the reason is adding value to a home or increasing one’s home storage, lower level renovations are one of the most cost-effective remodels to make. Lost Pond Construction will walk through the entire process with any homeowner from Chesterland, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, regarding their kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodel so that a strategic plan is in place before the project even begins. Calling this local home remodeling contractor for adding a home gym or media room from Shaker Heights, Ohio, to Chagrin Falls, Ohio, leads to a solid plan, well-maintained construction site, prompt arrival of the team, and trustworthy dedication to the client’s wishes. Not only will Lost Pond Construction help homeowners remain true to their lifestyles and personalities, but will also increase a house’s resale value!

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