Homeowners in Independence, Ohio, Can Age in Place with Home Mobility Solutions from Access Solutions, Inc.

By Fiona Vernon

As individuals from Alliance, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, grow closer to the new year, they subconsciously assess their personal lives with the goal to find ways of improving their quality of life. The NAIPC (National Aging in Place Council) states that more than 90 percent of older adults would prefer to age in the comfort of the home that they have occupied for years, regardless of the layout of the home. Sadly, there may be a significant variance between how much modification their home would need versus the reality of being able to accomplish that feat; however, calling Access Solutions, Inc. may be the perfect solution. This local stairlift company offers affordable alternatives to climbing stairs for those having physical difficulties with household tasks. They offer access ramp, vertical or incline platform lift, and stairlift installation. Whether an individual in Stow, Ohio, wants to avoid moving to assisted living or a homeowner in Wadsworth, Ohio, desires barrier-free living so that they can happily age in place, Access Solutions, Inc. offers a wide selection of affordable home mobility solutions.

People from Independence to Stow whose goal is to age in place may have planned for their future and added an access ramp to the front porch when they remodeled 20 years ago; conversely, others may not have had the foresight and are now searching for alternatives to climbing stairs. Perhaps an individual from Alliance who is determined to age in place has pre-planning and is presently modifying their home with the installation of home mobility solutions according to their current specific needs. Many homeowners who choose to live in a two-story home in their youth will alter their home in some way throughout the years, whether it’s the updating of a kitchen, bathroom, or the replacement of windows and doors. During exterior renovations, they may have started their plan to attain barrier-free living, which is a great first step.

As people start to age in Wadsworth and beyond, the majority want to avoid moving to assisted living, yet are having physical difficulty moving about their home during normal activities.  One call to Access Solutions, Inc. will allow them access to any floor with their affordable stairlift installation. They offer a vast array of models that allow indoor and outdoor mobility, as well as custom versions for any staircase design. This local stairlift company realizes that not everyone can plan for such circumstances, so they offer a variety of choices and will compassionately guide their clients into the options that best suit their finances and requirements. Access Solutions, Inc. offers many products that are ideal for a variety of situations, so they also offer vertical and incline platform lifts for circumstances involving wheelchairs. One call to their staff with 50 years’ combined experience can get anyone started living a fuller and more satisfying life.

Anyone who has a strong urge to age in place and avoid moving to assisted living can rely on the compassionate service and high-quality home mobility solutions from Access Solutions, Inc. Whether someone in Alliance, Ohio, is looking for an alternative to climbing a whole flight of stairs or a homeowner in Wadsworth, Ohio, simply needs to get past a few steps into the garage, this local stairlift company offers barrier-free living with their affordable stairlift, access ramp, and vertical or incline platform lift installation. As the new year arrives, and people from Stow, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, decide to improve their lives with a call to Access Solutions, Inc., they will be impressed from their first interaction and wonder why they hadn’t called sooner.

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