Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center in Summit County, Ohio Has the Pond Supplies You Need

Hoffmans WATER X SCAPES Garden Center_LogoMany homeowners shy away from water garden installation because they assume it’s the type of project that requires a significant amount of time and physical labor to complete. However, if you have the right tools then you can easily build a beautiful koi pond in your Stark County, Ohio; Portage County, Ohio; or Medina County, Ohio backyard. And the experts from Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center can help! This Summit County, Ohio establishment carries a large selection of pond supplies for their customers’ convenience. With a quick trip over to their facility, you can purchase pond liners, pond pumps, pond filters, water lilies, and anything else you need to set up your water feature. As an added bonus, the staff members at Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center can offer helpful advice to further simplify your task, just as they’ve done for countless homeowners throughout the Canton, Ohio and Akron, Ohio areas.

Water X Scapes_LiliesDepending on what type of water feature you plan to build in your Stark County, Portage County, or Medina County backyard, your needs will vary. However, there are a few key items that everyone should have before attempting to construct a pond of any kind. For starters, having a sturdy pond liner in place is an absolute must. Together, liners and underlayment form a barrier that keeps the water in your pond. Fortunately for you, Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center carries the largest selection of flexible pond liners in Ohio, with many different widths. Their EPDM rubber line, with a lifetime warranty, is safe for fish and plants and is available in sizes from 5’ x 3’ up to 50’ x 100’.

Water X Scapes_PumpsIn addition to liners, there are a couple of other pond supplies you’ll need before your water garden installation is complete. Considered to be the heart of any water feature, pond pumps help to keep water moving, which ensures that your plants and fish are getting the proper amount of oxygen. One of the associates at Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center can direct you to the pond pump that best fits your application as they vary in size. They can also assist you in selecting a suitable pond filter to keep your water clear, clean, and healthy for your fish and visiting wildlife.

Water X Scapes_LinersFinally, this Summit County establishment can provide you with fish, water lilies, and other aquatic plants to make your water garden or koi pond really come alive. Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center is proud to have one of the largest selections of aquatic plants in the Canton/Akron area. Plus, their inventory of koi fish and goldfish is pretty impressive too. A staff member would be happy to offer some advice on introducing the fish and plants to your pond, as well as how to maintain the pond ecosystem after that.

Water X Scapes_Koi PondWhen it comes to water garden installation, there’s no better resource in the Canton/Akron, Ohio area than Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center. Not only do they have an extensive inventory of pond supplies, but their knowledgeable associates can answer virtually any question you may have about building a koi pond in your Stark County, Ohio; Portage County, Ohio; or Medina County, Ohio backyard. To learn more about how Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center can help with your water feature project, visit their website at www.waterxscapes.com. If you have any questions, feel free to give them a call at 330.896.9811. Or, simply take the trip to this Summit County, Ohio establishment so you can peruse their selection of pond liners, pond filters, water lilies, pond pumps, and other products in person.

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