Hey Neighbor Helps Hartville, Ohio, Alleviate Spring Allergies & Decrease Asthma Attacks with annual AC Tune-ups

By Fiona Vernon

The frigid mornings of winter are in the review mirror, so it is time to ensure the proper functioning of the AC before it gets too hot outside. Not many homeowners have turned their air conditioners on yet and want to wait until the last minute to save money on utility bills. Money will not be a big concern when they call Hey Neighbor to keep their AC running efficiently with an annual AC inspection and tune-up. This local heating and cooling company wants each person from North Canton, Ohio, to Hartville, Ohio, to understand the importance of regular air conditioning maintenance, which goes far beyond giving people a place to go to be comfortable. It can also help alleviate spring allergies, decrease asthma attacks, reduce the risk of heat stroke, and so much more. They love offering preventative maintenance packages but also provide free AC estimates on top of their already affordable repair and installation and 24-hour emergency AC service. Everyone from Waynesburg, Ohio, to Minerva, Ohio, who wants a reputable AC company will love the 30 years of experience that Hey Neighbor brings to each challenge.

People love their fur babies and cannot imagine living life without them, but it may be necessary to curb the amount of dander and pet hair in the air. Hey Neighbor can help homeowners from Hartville to Waynesburg alleviate spring allergies and decrease asthma attacks by eliminating the triggers to which people are exposed. Research has discovered that running a home air conditioner reduces pollen, mold, mildew, and other airborne allergens that can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. It works even better when the air filter is habitually changed and even more effectively with an added air purifier. There will also be fewer dust mites and bugs, even fleas, when the AC is on. Hey Neighbor and AC manufacturers cannot overstate the importance of regular air conditioner maintenance to keep the AC running efficiently.

For those who need a local heating and cooling company because they were either not aware of the need for an annual AC inspection and tune-up, the highly trained technicians at Hey Neighbor arrive with fully stocked trucks so that they can handle any challenge into which they may run. They not only offer maintenance, but 24-hour emergency service as well whether someone in Minerva wakes up sweating or another in North Canton finds that their AC is no longer blowing warm air. This reputable AC company can help each customer save money on utility bills while offering affordable repair and installation on nearly every name brand in the industry — including Trane, GE, Goodman, and Amana. For free estimates, call Hey Neighbor at 330.875.9300.

Hey Neighbor has proven over their three decades of service how important regular air conditioner maintenance can be to help alleviate spring allergies and decrease asthma attacks. From Waynesburg, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, homeowners can rely on this reputable AC company for everything from annual inspections, tune-ups, and repair to affordable installation and free estimates. This local heating and cooling company helps families from Minerva, Ohio, to Hartville, Ohio, keep their AC running efficiently with affordable maintenance so that they can save money on utility bills. Even for 24-hour emergency AC service, Hey Neighbor is the best number to call for superior service.

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