Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling Helps Paris, Ohio, Extend their AC’s Lifespan with Preventative AC Maintenance

by Fiona Vernon

It’s April, and spring has arrived. This leads many people to feel that they will wake up to the birds chirping and trees blooming; however, the temperatures aren’t necessarily agreeing this year. While it may be time for homeowners from Paris, Ohio, to Jackson Township, Ohio, to schedule their preventative AC maintenance at Hey Neighbor, the furnace isn’t quite done doing its job yet. If the furnace is making strange noises or there is water leaking from it and it seems as if it may not make it until the end of winter, this reputable heating and cooling company can come to the rescue with their affordable 24/7 emergency furnace services. When someone really isn’t sure why they should schedule a seasonal AC tune-up, they can consider the fact that it will improve their indoor air quality, lower utility bills, result in fewer AC repairs, and extend the lifespan of their air conditioner. Homeowners in Perry Heights, Ohio, and all Stark County, Ohio, can rely on Hey Neighbor for affordable maintenance, repair, and installation.

Many people neglect their AC then wonder why they must call so often for repairs. Individuals from Jackson Township to Perry Heights may need to know how they will benefit from the preventative AC maintenance program from Hey Neighbor. While it is common knowledge that changing the air filter on a regular basis goes a long way toward allowing the system to work efficiently, there is more to it. The indoor evaporator and outdoor condenser coils become clogged with debris such as dirt, smoke, bacteria, and pet hair over time. This can lead to erosion and wear that causes your AC equipment to stop working. This reputable heating and cooling company inspect the coils and the rest of it with the latest in diagnostic technology. We then clean everything and ensure that electrical connections are sufficient so that each customer is not left without air on the hottest day of the year. Hey Neighbor provides comfort to their clients year-round, saves their customers money by helping to lower utility bills and have fewer AC repairs, while extending the lifespan of the air conditioner and offering improved indoor air quality. For these reasons, it’s not necessary to wonder why a seasonal AC tune-up should be performed.

Despite how well homeowners in Paris and all Stark County take care of their HVAC equipment, they will always need affordable repair and installation of their furnaces and ACs. The furnace may have almost made it through the season, and someone may be trying to ignore the strange noises it’s making, but a malfunctioning furnace can be dangerous if it emits carbon monoxide. A big sign that it needs some help is if there is water leaking from it. This reputable heating and cooling company has been serving communities for over 30 years and brings their experience to each call. Their highly trained technicians arrive in fully-stocked trucks, whether it’s a routine maintenance call or one from their 24/7 emergency line.

No one should ever put off calling about the furnace if it is making strange noises or if it has water leaking from it, since these could be signs that it has become a health-hazard. Hey Neighbor offers affordable repair, installation, and 24/7 emergency services, as well as financing, so that each person from Perry Heights, Ohio, to Paris, Ohio, can stay safe in their home. This reputable heating and cooling company also wants to help ensure that their customers require fewer AC and furnace repairs with their preventative maintenance packages. Why do seasonal AC tune-ups? It can help improve indoor air quality and lower utility bills. Homeowners in Jackson Township, Ohio, and all Stark County, Ohio, who want to extend the lifespan of their air conditioner will love the benefits they get when they call Hey Neighbor.

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