Gymnastic Academy of Rockford School’s Out Camp Provides Rockford, Illinois Fun Holiday Break Activities

The holidays bring joy, presents, goodwill, and the kids home from school. With the kids home for the holidays, all of their pent-up excitement can be hard to contain within the house. Gymnastic Academy of Rockford offers the perfect place for Rockford, Illinois; Rockton, Illinois; and Roscoe, Illinois kids this Christmas break. Gymnastic Academy of Rockford’s School’s Out Camp gives kids of all ages a unique opportunity to develop their abilities while giving them a fun, energetic place to create lasting memories. Kids gymnastics is not only great exercise but a way to build lasting friendships. If you’re looking for activities for your kids to do over Christmas break, Gymnastic Academy of Rockford can help.

Gymnastic Academy of Rockford (GAR) offers a gymnastic camp for boys and girls ages four and up. GAR’s School’s Out Camp is held December 26-28 and January 2-4 from 8:30-4:30pm Monday through Friday. One day at GAR costs only $39.00 or you can pay for three full days of fun and entertainment for only $99.00. Whether you are looking for a place where your kids can exercise, develop their skills for a sport they already love, or a new exciting gift for Christmas, Gymnastic classes are a great way for kids to spend their time. Partaking in organized sports, like Gymnastic, provides a chance for children to better develop socially and physically. Gym.Net adds that kids gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs for children, integrating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline. If your child is involved in recreational Gymnastic or with a competition squad, skills learned in Gymnastic can benefit a child’s overall development.

Keeping your child active is important and with winter fast approaching, finding outdoor activities in Rockton or Roscoe can be challenging. Gymnastic Academy of Rockford provides activities for your kids to do over Christmas break to give you some time to catch up on work or recover from the holidays with some alone time. Gymnastic Academy of Rockford understands that you have a hectic schedule. There is no fee for an earlier drop off or later pick up time—letting you and your child enjoy your hassle-free day. If you need to drop your child off early you can do between 7:00 am and 8:30 or you can pick them up later between 4:30-6:00 pm.

Gymnastic Academy of Rockford offers camps year round for all holidays; including spring breaks and summer adventure camps letting your child stay involved in Gymnastic continuously. Keeping your child involved in Gymnastic year round not only lets you provide them with something fun and beneficial for them to do during their school breaks but it also builds their love for organized sports. The Rockford location offers School’s Out Camp for Spring Break April 15 – 19, 2013 for $39.00 a day or $139 a week. If you are looking for just one day you can also register for Martin Luther King Day or Presidents Day as well. To register for any of the School’s Out Camp events you can call or visit their online site, and view their online catalog. Just select your desired camp and reserve a spot.

You can log in and register your child online now at For kids four and older you can easily pick from a variety of classes. Finding activities for your kids to do over Christmas break in Rockford, Illinois; Rockton, Illinois; and Roscoe, Illinois to keep them healthy and happy can be challenging. But Gymnastic Academy of Rockford’s Schools Out Camp provides a safe, energetic way for your child to have fun over their holiday break. Kids gymnastics teaches your child confidence through achievement, social skills, and how to have fun excising. Classes at Gymnastic Academy of Rockford are a great Christmas present for you and your child. To sign up for classes or see what else Gymnastic Academy of Rockford has to offer call their Rockford location at 815-654-3867 or their Roscoe location at 815-623-2345.