Gutter Helmet Provides North Canton, Ohio with A Social Media Site for Home Improvement

Have you been looking for a social media site for home improvement? As fall begins, we often find ourselves in decoration mode. Even though we can’t drag the Christmas tree out just yet, fall often inspires the creative side of us. Preparing the house for the winter months often times includes fixing the outside of the home as well. Before the heavy rain and snow start to fall, you may want to make sure you fix any gutter repairs you may need. Gutter Helmet has expanded its home improvement knowledge to Facebook and Twitter. On their Facebook page you can find photos, tips, and home improvement advice for your North Canton, Ohio; Canton, Ohio’ Massillon, Ohio home.

Gutter Helmet has grown with the needs of the community. During the 1960’s Bob Demartini, an alumnus of MIT began to develop a meshless gutter cover system. He was concerned with the way gutters became clogged and the damage it could quickly cause to a home. Bob wanted to give homeowners an alternative to cleaning their gutters that would be quicker and safer than any other method already out there. He pursued an original “nose forward design” that would take the hassle of cleaning gutters away from home owners for good. He came to call his innovative product Gutter Helmet. Bob Demartini officially launched Gutter Helmet in the fall of 1981. Since then the Gutter Helmet has continually been a head of its time. As more and more of the community turned to online social media, so did Gutter Helmet.

Gutter Helmet’s Facebook page is one of the best social media site for home improvement for North Canton home owners. Gutter Helmet’s Facebook page provide helpful tips, pictures, and over all home repair advice from their experts. If you have been thinking about gutter repairs for your home, Gutter Helmet can help give you a better understanding of why you may need those repairs, what works best for you, and what they provide. You can also find Gutter Helmet on Twitter. @Gutter_Helmet provides you with helpful links and tips for any home improvement you may be looking to do. Their home improvement advice and FAQ tweets keep their Twitter informative and fun.

Gutter Helmet has extended its friendly, knowledgeable staff to Facebook. You can learn about your gutter repairs and find a place to interact with other home owners looking to redesign their home. It’s like an interactive HGTV! Whether you have been looking for a way to repair your North Canton, Ohio; Canton, Ohio’ Massillon, Ohio home or simply a social media site for home improvement, Gutter Helmet can provide you with both. Check out their Facebook page and Twitter for helpful tips on how to prepare your home for the upcoming winter months. Their Twitter and Facebook provide home improvement advice that can help you prepare for winter. If you would like to schedule an appointment or ask Gutter Helmet what else they can do for you, give them a call at 330-364-6333 or visit