Grateful Dead Lovers in Akron, Ohio, will love the Hand-Blown Glass Tobacco Pipes at Not Fade Away Glass Emporium

By Fiona Vernon

The image that people put forth into the world with their words and attire gives everyone around them an idea of their personality. Certain clothing and accessories are associated with certain ways of thought. For example, if someone is walking through a store with a leather jacket on, observers may believe they ride motorcycles, and anyone wearing loose-fitting, tie-dye clothing may be seen as having the free-thinking mentality of a hippie! Individuals from Cleveland, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, looking for a store for a flower child will love the variety of children’s and adult tie-dye clothes and other hippie clothing they find when they walk through the aisles of Not Fade Away Glass Emporium. This hippie store’s selection also includes incense and holders, Buddha statues, CBD oils and edibles, and vape pens. They are also a local head shop that stocks a vast array of beautiful hand-blown glass hand pipes and tobacco pipes, hookahs, and rolling papers. Everyone from Beachwood, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, looking for a local smoke boutique based on the world of the Grateful Dead movement will feel they have come home when they visit Not Fade Away Glass Emporium (330.835.4707).

In the 1960s, there was a rise of a counterculture that developed through much of the western world, recognizing social tensions and became known as the hippie movement. It’s a mentality that flooded the baby boomers, passing that free-thinking down to the generations that followed. People from Akron to Beachwood looking for a store a flower child will feel transported back in time when they enter can find just what they need at Not Fade Away Glass Emporium when they smell the incense and hear Grateful Dead music. This hippie store offers tapestries and games that focus on this era, as well as hippie clothing — including adult and children tie-dye clothes, cool and versatile scarves for around one’s neck or hair, and comfy, loose-fitting pants with funky designs. Not only do they carry incense holders and a variety of scents, but they also have vape pens, Buddha statues, and an eclectic collection that suits a vast array of tastes. Their CBD oils and edibles naturally help those with chronic pain, anxiety, acne, or simply those who want to feel good.

Individuals from Fairlawn to Cleveland who are looking for a local smoke boutique can take the short drive to Not Fade Away Glass Emporium for exquisite hand blown glass. They keep an impressive inventory of glass hand pipes, from tall orange swirl designs and rainbow to short clear designs and ones with dragons designed into them. It’s not just glass, it’s art that only improves the smoking experience. Some prefer bubblers that provide moist smoke for inhalation with its water filtration, while some go for the convenience of quickly packing the bowl of a glass hand pipe and the dry smoke that it offers. This local head shop not only offers hookahs and glass tobacco pipes, but they also supply rolling papers for those who prefer to roll their own tobacco and herbs.

Not Fade Away Glass Emporium (330.835.4707) is the only hippie store that free spirited people from Beachwood, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, need to visit when they are looking for anything from the Grateful Dead era to more modern products such as vape pens, CBD oils, or edibles. This local head shop provides a huge variety of hand blown glass, such as glass hand pipes and glass tobacco pipes, in addition to a selection of hookahs and rolling papers. Perhaps someone in Fairlawn, Ohio, wants to expand their collection of incense holders because they find the aroma relaxing or another loves the freedom and happiness they feel while wearing hippie clothing. Not Fade Away Glass Emporium in Akron, Ohio, stocks adult and children’s tie-dye clothes and a wide selection of incense for everyone’s taste. From artistic glass to Buddha statues, this store for a flower child helps make every day joyful and adventurous.

Not Fade Away Glass Emporium
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Akron, Ohio 44313
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