Graphic Accents Provides Northeast Ohio With the Benefits of Clear and Color Replacement Car Wraps

By Fiona Vernon

One of the dreams with which individuals grow up is the desire to own their own car. They may bide their time throughout the years, buying used vehicles to get through part-time jobs in high school or the tight budget of the college years; however, everyone from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, who has paid their dues ends up with the Jaguar or Mustang that they have always wanted. People who want to make their prized possession look perfect for years to come can rely on the benefits of car wraps that the experts at Graphic Accents can provide. Whether someone is looking for a color replacement wrap for a whole new look or another wants a clear car wrap for stone chip protection, this local vehicle wrap shop can help reduce bug damage and increase a car’s trade-in value with their vehicle paint protection film. They are not only one of the few certified custom vehicle wrap installers in Northeast Ohio, but they also offer logo design and fleet wraps for cost-effective advertising that helps every business attract new customers. Anyone in Medina, Ohio, and beyond can rely on the knowledge behind the 25 years’ experience offered by the experts at Graphic Accents.

Many prospective customers from Cleveland to Medina often pose the debate of painting their vehicle to restore its former beauty versus the benefits of car wraps. A plethora of advantages exist with car wraps that paint cannot offer. Every paint job looks fantastic at first, but the effects will fade after a few years of driving it through the harsh Northeast Ohio weather. Having Graphic Accents professionally install vehicle paint protection film offers stone chip protection and reduction of bug damage for anywhere from four to 10 years. Keeping the original paint intact can increase a car’s trade-in value, and clear car wraps can be safely removed at any point, leaving the paints original luster pristine. Whether someone wanted their dream Mercedes in a color that isn’t available in factory paint or they are in the mood for a color change, this local vehicle wrap shop also offers countless options with their color replacement wraps — including gloss, metallic, matte, satin, and more. Calling Graphic Accents allows any vehicle to remain breathtaking for years to come.

Graphic Accents not only installs the best custom vehicle wraps for upgrading anyone’s personal vehicle in and around New Philadelphia, but they also offer the most cost-effective advertising to attract new customers with their mobile media options. This local vehicle wrap shop has been serving businesses in the area for over 24 years. The business began with an idea, a van, several rolls of automotive pinstripes, and a vinyl cutter kept at the owner’s home. They now occupy a 5,000 square foot building with four employees and multiple large format printers for creating signs and banners. No employee has been there less than nine years, and their experience speaks for itself as customers repeatedly return. They are experts at graphic design, including custom logo design, in addition to their fleet graphics. A study performed by 3M over a three-month period correlated zip codes and demographic data with 10 truck routes to obtain message effectiveness, with fleet graphics generating impressions at an average of six million per truck per year. 96% of the respondents noticed the words and pictures, 98% claimed to retain a positive image from the ads, and 96% said that mobile media had more impact than billboards to them. Mobile media advertising offers the lowest cost-per-impression of any major advertising medium, and Graphic Accents can offer all the benefits of car and fleet wraps. David had this to say:

“We have used this company for the past 15-20 years. Always quality work and service. I highly recommend them for any of your needs.”

Whether a business in Cleveland, Ohio, is looking for cost-effective advertising and logo design to attract new customers or a college graduate who just landed their first job in Medina, Ohio, rewarded themselves with the Porsche of which they always dreamed, Graphic Accents is certified to expertly install custom vehicle wraps. When individuals want to increase their car’s trade-in value with stone chip protection and reduce bug damage, this local vehicle wrap shop offers the benefits of car wraps with their vehicle paint protection film, or clear car wraps. They also cater to those who would like their car a different color but find it impractical to be without a car for weeks. Color replacement wraps cost less than new paint jobs, last longer, and are quicker to complete. They are all around a better choice. Everyone in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and all Northeast Ohio will love the superior service and products they find when they call or visit Graphic Accents!

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