Gionino’s Pizzeria Provides Orrville, Ohio Families with Quick, Nutritious Dinners

Whether you are a college student looking for an affordable dinner or looking to provide a quick, nutritious dinner for your family, Gionino’s Pizzeria Orrville in Orrville, Ohio has you covered.  Fast food that has cooked their grease-soaked mystery meat under hot lights doesn’t do much to provide you or your family with a suitable dinner.  Even though Gionino’s doesn’t delivery past the Orrville, Ohio limits their selection of wings, pizzas, sides and drinks is worth the short drive to those in Dalton, Ohio.

One of the most frustrating things about trying to find a quick, nutritious dinner for your family is finding a place everyone can agree on. Everyone is always in the mood for something different than the next person. Going to a fast food chain can box your choices in. However, Gionino’s lets you offer a large selection of pizza, salads, sides and desserts to your family. Usually for that type of selection you would have to spend time at a sit-down-restaurant, waiting to be seated, waiting to be served, and waiting for the bill. Gionino’s ensures that your entire order will be served to your Orrville residence as quickly as possible.  Eating nutritiously can be hard at times. Life is busy and there isn’t always time to make dinner. There are not a lot of food chains that can readily serve you nutritious food. Gionino’s offers a few selections for those watching their caloric intake. Their Vegetable pizza is made with homemade white sauce, tomatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli. This pizza will not only satisfy those watching their figure but any vegetarians you may have within your family as well. Another healthy choice that has recently been added to their menu is the Mediterranean. This pizza is made up of  fresh spinach, feta and provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, black olives and Gionino’s own homemade white sauce.

Starting at only $8.95, you can enjoy Gionino’s new menu item, the Popeye. The Popeye is made with fresh spinach, ricotta and provolone cheese, and homemade white sauce. With Gionino’s prices you can try a few of their brand new menu items and still have an affordable dinner. If you are looking for something with more meat to it, you can try the Chicken Club Pizza. The Chicken Club Pizza adds bacon and white chicken meat to their homemade white sauce. If that’s not enough toppings, you can always stick with the classic Gionino’s Best Pizza. Gionino’s Best places pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, bacon, black olives and mild banana pepper rings on their homemade sauce. For less than a dollar you can add any topic to your pepperoni pizza that you want, creating your own specialty pizza. If you are not in the mood for a pizza but you still want to try Gionino’s, you can order from their long list of salads, subs, pastas, chicken wings, and more. You can order a family size lasagna, complete with breadsticks for a family night in or treat yourself to Gionino’s Cinnabake, a cinnamon bread baked with a combination of melted butter, sugar and drizzled vanilla frosting.

With coupons and daily specials on Gionino’s website,, you can try their already affordable dinners at an even cheaper rate. Whether you are having your pizza delivered to your Orrville, Ohio residence or are taking a short drive from your Dalton, Ohio home, Gionino’s quick, nutritious dinner is well worth the call. Give Gionino’s Pizzeria Orrville a call today 330.682.0630.