Get the Electrical Service Upgrade You Need for Your Canton, Ohio, Home from Kinsinger Electric

With the holiday season in full swing, you’ve undoubtedly gone to great lengths in order to make your Canton, Ohio; New Philadelphia, Ohio; or Stow, Ohio, home look bright and festive. Unfortunately, while those strands of multicolored lights and glowing yard figurines may turn your home into a shining spectacle of Christmas cheer, they can also cause an electrical overload! Since no one wants to deal with the expense and hassle of unexpected residential electric work, particularly during the holidays, you may want to consider an electrical service upgrade. Hiring a professional electrician to perform a 100 to 200 AMP upgrade is the easiest and most cost-effective way to avoid overloading your circuits. And lucky for you, Kinsinger Electric can provide such a service for a reasonable price.

These days, having 200 AMP power is the standard for most homes. If you still use 100 AMP in your own Canton, New Philadelphia, or Stow home, you may find that you’re at a greater risk for an electrical overload, especially if you’ve gone all out when it comes to your holiday decorations. Since no one relishes the thought of their power going out this time of year, placing a call to Kinsinger Electric is in your best interest.

The professional electricians at Kinsinger Electric would be more than happy to handle your electrical service upgrade for you, working with you so you know exactly what a 100 to 200 AMP upgrade would entail. Though an upgrade includes installing a new circuit breaker box and circuit breakers, new main cable on the exterior of your house, new meter socket, and ground rods, the entire process can be completed in a timely manner by Kinsinger’s team. Plus, not only can you count on Kinsinger Electric to perform your residential electric work quickly and efficiently, but at an affordable price too.

Though Kinsinger Electric offers commercial and industrial work as well, their residential electric work has been praised by homeowners throughout the area. Those looking for a professional electrician have found that Kinsinger Electric provides clients with some of the highest quality work, best customer service, and most competitive pricing around. So, if an electrical service upgrade is something you’re considering, you can count on this locally-owned business to complete the task in a timely, affordable, and efficient manner, causing little inconvenience to your family.

Before you plug in your holiday decorations and risk an electrical overload, give Kinsinger Electric a call at 330.785.3473 to ask about a 100 to 200 AMP upgrade. As an electrical service upgrade can save you a lot of grief down the road, it’s a good idea to discuss your options with a professional electrician. Plus, by having Kinsinger Electric perform residential electric work on your New Philadelphia, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; or Stow, Ohio, home, you can be sure that the job will be done correctly the first time. For more information on what this locally-owned business can offer, visit their website at

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