Gearstar Performance Transmissions Customizes Hand-Built Mopar Torqueflite 727s for Oakland, California

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals who catch their breath at the rumble of a 440 Six Pack and the sleek lines of a ’70 Challenger feel a passion when thinking of the intricacies of a finely tuned vehicle. Anyone from Oakland, California, to Atlanta, Georgia, who is looking for the best transmission for a big block will love the Mopar Torqueflite 727 high-performance automatic transmission customized by Gearstar Performance Transmissions. This racing transmission builder offers a complete line of Mopar performance transmissions, as well as Ford, GM, and Allison transmissions hand-built by one of five master technicians. Gearstar Performance Transmissions does not cater to the needs of the average driver but accommodates the demands of the most discerning gearheads from Jacksonville, Florida, to Scottsdale, Arizona, who are building their pride and joy.

The Torqueflite 727 was available as an option or standard, depending on the model and year of the Chrysler — which included Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler, and Imperial. Starting in 1972, it was used by American Motors, Jeep, Maserati, and more and went under the name TorqueCommand. The base design for the original Torqueflite that remains mostly unchanged can be customized by Gearstar Performance Transmissions to include the addition of a 2-speed output shaft (overdrive unit) with aftermarket valve body kits added to overcome the initial lubrication challenge. Visiting this racing transmission builder’s website allows anyone to see exactly what modifications are possible when they commission them for a hand-rebuilt transmission to match the exact specifications of their vehicle. Anyone from Atlanta to Jacksonville will find no one better to fulfill their GM, Ford, Allison, or Mopar performance transmission needs than Gearstar Performance Transmissions with one of five master technicians building and DYNO testing each project the equivalent of 100 miles to ensure its perfection.

The Torqueflite 727 high-performance automatic transmission immediately established its imposing status with its strength, efficiency, light weight, and excellent performance against the competition. Remaining on top until the late ‘60s, it was the first automatic with an all-aluminum case that boasted the ability to absorb 500 horsepower in stock form. Anyone from Scottsdale to Oakland who is looking for the best transmission for a big block, will find that the customizations Gearstar Performance Transmissions can perform on the Torqueflite 727 will put the performance of their car above the rest. Their compact dimensions and manageable weight make it extremely popular among drag racers, restorers, and cruisers, with hundreds of thousands still in use worldwide.

Anyone, who wants the most out of their powerhouse engine can count on the hand-built high-performance GM, Mopar, Allison, and Ford automatic transmissions customized at Gearstar Performance Transmissions. They know that gearheads from Atlanta, Georgia, to Scottsdale, Arizona, searching for the best Mopar performance transmission for a big block will be highly satisfied with the modifications that this racing transmission builder makes to the Torqueflite 727 to get it ready to be installed into their custom streetcar. Gearstar Performance Transmissions is not in the market of rebuilding just any transmission, they are building horsepower transferring systems. Car enthusiasts from Oakland, California, to Jacksonville, Florida, will wonder why it took them so long to find this impressive transmission specialist.

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