Gearheads in Flagstaff, Arizona Can Find the Best Custom-Built GM 4L60 at Gearstar Performance Transmissions

By Fiona Vernon

Cruising the streets of one’s hometown has long been touted as one of the most enjoyable things to do on a beautiful evening. Having the T-tops open and one’s arm hanging out of the window as they rev the LB8 V6 in their ’90 Camaro is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Perhaps this is the year that someone from New Haven, Connecticut, wants to upgrade the stock 4L60 that their car currently contains with a custom-built transmission from Gearstar Performance Transmissions. This hot rod transmission company boasts over 25 years’ experience and recognizes that the expectations of a high performance automatic transmission are much different than those demands placed upon a family car, since every racing transmission customer from Gulfport, Mississippi, to Flagstaff, Arizona, is building their pride and joy. Whether it’s a Mopar, GM, or Ford performance transmission for which a motorhead in and around Memphis, Tennessee, is searching, no one can exceed the quality offered by the experts at Gearstar Performance Transmission.

When someone is heard talking about the marvels of modern technology, people generally assume that they are referring to gadgets like cellphones and tablets; however, vehicle technology has given drivers from Gulfport to Memphis an impressive amount of progress. Today’s automotive advances are available at a relatively cheap price tag, enabled by the process of globalization that has allowed manufacturers and purchasers of car components from everywhere in the world to connect. It takes the best parts for the complex workings of any vehicle to function efficiently, and Gearstar Performance Transmissions uses only the highest of quality American-made components in their custom-built GM, Ford, and Mopar high performance automatic transmissions, but they have provided their products to discerning customers all throughout the world. This hot rod transmission company assigns only one of five master technicians to each project so that it gets their full attention, aware of every detail of its process and enabling more comprehensive communication with the owner. They also DYNO test each racing transmission the equivalent of 100 miles so that they are sure of its perfect function before it ever leaves their facility.

When an individual is looking for a custom-built transmission for the engine they recently upgraded in their ’70 El Camino, they need look no further than the experts at Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a custom-built 4L60. In the past, high performance automatic transmission swaps were usually performed so that the trans could handle the extra power of a new or bigger engine combo without considering rear gear ratio or overdrive. With the vast array of choices now available for general street enthusiasts from New Haven to Flagstaff, overdrive transmissions are becoming known for providing more benefits than just fuel mileage. The 4L60 was installed from 1990-92 in the Pontiac Firebird, Chevrolet Camaro, GM truck line, and some Corvettes, being the first overdrive automatic transmission specifically designed for rear-wheel high performance applications. It offers better drivability and more favorable gear split ratios. After analyzation, the 4L60 delivers at both ends. Its 3.00:1 low-gear launches harder and represents a 33% reduction from 1:1 for highway cruising when coupled with its .67 overdrive. Hot rod transmission company Gearstar Performance Transmissions can accommodate any requirement specific to any customer demand. Impressed client, Chris Guidotti says:

“I purchased a 4L60 Level 4 from Gear Star for my 66” Chevelle in 2008. I have had two different engines in the car over the years, but I’m still beating on the same transmission. It currently has a 550 Hp 427 BBC, with a 3000 stall converter and 3:73 rear ratio. THE TRANSMISSION MAKES THE CAR, it’s ether an easy shifting cruiser or a gear banging beast. Over the years I have talked to Zach over the phone for technical advice and he always has an EXCELLENT ATTITUDE AND TAKES THE TIME TO HELP!! I wouldn’t ever consider any other transmission. You get what you pay for.”

Whether a gearhead in Flagstaff, Arizona, is looking for the best GM 4L60 high performance automatic transmission for their ’91 Firebird or an individual in Memphis, Tennessee, is in search of a Ford or Mopar performance racing transmission, Gearstar Performance Transmissions offers the best custom-built transmissions, according to their customers. They maintain consistency with their DYNO testing and the fervor behind each specific master technician assigned to every project. Listening to the many testimonials from Gulfport, Mississippi, to New Haven, Connecticut, everyone will discover the best in products, passion, and service at this hot rod transmission company.

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