Gearheads in Eugene, Oregon, Will Find a Custom TH 400 Transmission at Gearstar Performance Transmissions

By Fiona Vernon

People form relationships with their vehicles, trusting that they will be delivered safely and on time to their destinations. Car enthusiasts want delivered in style while having some fun with a beefed-up engine that was built for straight-line speed. When it comes to those who grew up surrounded by the intricacies of a car’s personality, sometimes the modern offerings of a 2018 Dodge Challenger or the 2016 Nissan 370Z isn’t enough to satisfy their desire for the classic ’68 Buick Gran Sport for which they have always dreamed. When someone in Sharon, Pennsylvania, is rebuilding their dream muscle car and find that it’s time to locate the perfect high performance automatic transmission complementing its specific needs, calling Gearstar Performance Transmissions is the only option. They have over 17 years’ experience as a business, and that doesn’t include the combined experience of 100 years of this customer manufacturing company’s expert technicians. They will focus on the custom remanufactured transmission and converter needs of anyone from Eugene, Oregon, to North Canton, Ohio, whether it’s a GM, Ford, or Mopar performance transmission. Anyone in Youngstown, Ohio, and beyond looking for a Turbo 400 Transmission, or TH400 and later the 3L80, for their ’70 Chevelle SS — or a transmission that can handle anything to 1000+ horsepower — can find all that they need at Gearstar Performance Transmissions.

There isn’t a standard definition for a muscle car, but most people agree that it’s a smaller, two-door car, with a high-displacement engine usually found in larger vehicles. Car guys in North Canton and beyond who are looking to commission a specialist to build their high performance automatic transmissions have long since passed the days of buying fixer upper vehicles. They now have moved onto buying frames and motors separately, with engine hoists and air compressors a part of their normal garage décor. Rebuilding a muscle car gradually allows anyone from Eugene to Sharon to spread out the finances and make decisions on which components deserve the most money spent on them. Gearstar Performance Transmissions wants to ensure consistency through the process of building a custom remanufactured transmission, so only one technician stays with each GM, Ford, or Mopar performance transmission throughout its entire process.

The individual in Youngstown who has had his heart set on the dream of building a ’70 Chevrolet Chevelle SS knows that the place where he wants to invest his money is in contracting Gearstar Performance Transmissions to build his Turbo 400 transmission, or TH400. 1970 is arguably the peak of the muscle car era, and the ’70 Chevelle SS weighs in heavily to enforce that perception. Out of the two versions offered, the 454 V-8 LS5 generated 360 horsepower, and the LS6 produced an incredible 450 horsepower, so having this custom manufacturing company build the high performance automatic transmission that can handle its output is extremely important. The TH400, or later known as a 3L80, was a three-speed automatic developed by GM in 1964. It applied to a vast array of vehicles, not just General Motors, and was in production for 27 years. It is rated at a peak torque of 450 ft-lbs and is commonly used when rebuilding a muscle car, being paired with engines that make far more torque and known for its impressive strength.

Gearstar Performance Transmissions excels at Turbo 400 transmissions, or TH400 and 3L80, for anyone from Youngstown, Ohio, to Sharon, Pennsylvania, requiring this custom remanufactured transmission for rebuilding their dream muscle car. Not only do they specialize in GM high performance automatic transmissions, but also in Mopar and Ford. This custom manufacturing company complements each transmission with the precise needs of the engine, horsepower and torque output, rear gear ratio, weight of the vehicle, and circumference of the rear wheel and tire. Anyone from Eugene, Oregon, to North Canton, Ohio, will be thrilled to discover the knowledge and excellence they will find at Gearstar Performance Transmissions!
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