Gearheads in Cleveland, Ohio, can Call Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a Custom-Built GM 4L70E

By Fiona Vernon

Any individual from Columbus, Ohio, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, whose pulse quickens and brain fires more rapidly at the sound of their pride and joy firing up are unique kinds of people. They find their passion in the mechanical workings and beautiful lines of a well-honed, sleek hot rod. Gearstar Performance Transmissions knows that people who are building their baby only trust well-proven experts with the finite details of their GM, Ford, and Mopar high-performance automatic transmissions. Any gearhead from Cleveland, Ohio, to Mooresville, North Carolina, looking for a workhorse transmission with great reliability and power that is capable of working between 450 and 650 horsepower and 425 to 650 foot-pounds of torque can rely on the master technicians at this hot rod transmission company for a custom-built 4L70E.

Anyone from Columbus to Mooresville who loves the intricacy of rebuilding old muscle car engines knows the fine points that old machine shop guys used to know, including facts like seals are more durable and seal better when slightly rotated and corrosion hides in certain corners of the water jacket; however, the rebuilding of a transmission requires varying levels of complexity and know-how. Appropriate tools and knowledge based solely on experience are important when assembling a transmission, as well as the proper pressure tests and detail-oriented tracking of each small spring and shim. Gearstar Performance Transmissions is an extremely clean shop where one of five master technicians follow every Mopar, GM, or Ford performance transmission throughout its entire rebuild to ensure no detail is missed before it’s DYNO tested the equivalent of 100 miles to make certain of its perfection.

Perhaps a motorhead in Pittsburgh has a 2005 Pontiac GTO that is starting to slip under the extreme conditions it is being run or a person in Cleveland has a stock 1992 Chevy Camaro that is jumping during acceleration when the car is shifting gears. Either person can call Gearstar Performance Transmissions when they are looking for a stronger transmission. The 4L70E was designed with lightened materials for improved fuel efficiency, four speeds, and electronically-controlled shifting. Any stock transmission comes with its own share of issues, but the 4L70E is the final iteration in a series of four-speed automatic transmissions due to the fact that its negligible differences still outstrip its predecessors, the 700R4 and 4L60E. Gearstar’s custom-built GM 4L70E high-performance automatic transmission has been reworked and optimized to keep up with the demands of modern performance. By gutting and rebuilding the 4L70E with aftermarket parts, elbow grease, and passion, this hot rod transmission company brings out the quality of any stock product.

Gearstar Performance Transmissions’ 4L70Es are custom-built to withstand extreme stress with 300mm input shaft and heavy-duty input drums, as well as a steel five-pinion planet for added durability, a larger carbon fiber overdrive band for superior grip and less heat, and heavy-duty center shell for durability. But wait…there’s more!!! This hot rod transmission company’s transmissions also boast an updated boost valve, pressure regulator valve, new shift, EPC, PWM and 3/2 solenoids, a new electronic speed sensor, new stator and vanes, new pump assembly, hardened output shaft, an extra-capacity extreme-duty aluminum pan, and a 30,000 GVW cooler. With the electronic control of the 4L70E, it allows the driver to calibrate shift timing, torque converter lock-up, and so much more, making it extremely versatile when compared to the older, throttle valve cable GM 4L60s. Whoever is looking for a solid custom-built GM high performance automatic transmission can rely on the upgrades by Gearstar that make it a contender for modern-day performance.

Whether a motorhead in Mooresville, North Carolina, is in over his head with the attempted rebuild of his GM 4L70E or an individual in Cleveland, Ohio, wants the best Mopar or Ford performance transmission, Gearstar Performance Transmissions offers decades worth of experience and the passion that creates a professional and reliable environment. This hot rod transmission company specializes in high performance automatic transmissions and pays attention to every detail in each step as if it were going into their own car or truck. People from Columbus, Ohio, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, craving the goosebumps that their perfectly synced custom-built transmission with appropriate torque converter and engine give them when cranked can rely on the experts at Gearstar Performance Transmissions.

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