Foxx Transportation Provides Safe Transportation to Medical Appointments in Greater Northeast Ohio

Sometimes, you simply can’t drive yourself to the doctor. There are tests, treatments, and outpatient procedures that can limit your ability to operate a vehicle. But with ambulette service from Foxx Transportation, you can arrive on time and return home safely. This service is the ideal choice for transportation to medical appointments in Medina County, Ohio and greater Northeast Ohio. In fact, people from Lodi, Ohio to Brunswick, Ohio and beyond consider this to be the best outpatient transportation available!

Foxx Transportation is a locally owned and operated company based in Medina County. The company’s courteous drivers have been providing safe, reliable transportation services in greater Northeast Ohio since 2003. And while our focus is on the company’s ambulette service today, you should know that Foxx Transportation provides non-medical transportation services as well. These timely drivers can shuttle you to and from the airport or be your taxi around town. But today, let’s talk about how well they can provide you with transportation to medical appointments.

Whether you’re having your eyes dilated in Lodi or undergoing intensive physical therapy in Brunswick, this outpatient transportation service can work for you. Licensed by the Ohio Medical Transportation Board (OMTB), Foxx Transportation’s ambulette service is provided by experienced drivers who are certified in First Aid and CPR. Granted they aim to ensure each passenger has a smooth, comfortable ride. It can be comforting to know that should your condition cause you to need help – help is on board!

Foxx Transportation also has a variety of well maintained vehicles in its fleet. From cars to wheelchair accessible vans, you can expect to receive the best accommodations for your needs. All the local team asks is that you let them know of your needs when you call to schedule your outpatient transportation. They’ll take it from there and do what it takes to make your experience pleasant and your ride safe.

To learn more about ambulette service by Foxx Transportation, go to If you have questions or wish to schedule outpatient transportation to medical appointments, call 330.725.0042. This service is available for single visits to your doctor, or doctors, as well as for a series of treatments or planned procedures. And while we may have mentioned only Lodi, Ohio and Brunswick, Ohio, remember that Foxx Transportation serves greater Northeast Ohio. So, call today and make arrangements to attend your medical appointments with one less thing on your mind. Because with Foxx Transportation, your time and safety take the lead!

Foxx Transportation
Medina County, Ohio