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It’s important to make sure that your vehicle is in perfect working order by having routine maintenance performed on it as scheduled. However, even those who keep up with their scheduled maintenance can still experience vehicular problems. If the “check engine” light of your Kent, Ohio vehicle has suddenly decided to come on, bring it to Auto & Tire Service Specialists! At this Akron, Ohio location, you’ll be able to get the engine diagnostics you need to identify any internal problem your engine may be having. If a problem should be identified, know the factory-trained technicians of Auto & Tire Service Specialists will be able to assist. With years of experience, these technicians will be able to provide you with the affordable engine services you need to get back to your Medina, Ohio commute quickly and efficiently.

Regardless of the weather outside, your “check engine” light can come on at any time. Because it can be unclear what is causing this light to come on, it’s important to have it checked out by a professional. After all, the average vehicle engine is a sophisticated piece of equipment. With advanced control systems replacing the simpler engine components we’ve become used to, tune-ups become less vital in your vehicle’s overall maintenance. Although your vehicle still requires routine maintenance services, you’ll need to have a computerized analysis of your vehicle’s control computer performed to diagnose any issue your vehicle may be having. At Auto & Tire Service Specialists in Akron, you can get the computerized engine diagnostics you need and more to decipher the potential problem with your vehicle.

These diagnostics work by retrieving coded information from your vehicle’s computer system. This is because –when a problem arises in your ignition, fuel, or emission control area– your computer will trigger your “check engine” sensor to turn on. With the help of Auto & Tire Service Specialistsfactory-trained technicians, they’ll be able to discover if your Kent vehicle has a more severe engine problem or if it’s just a simple computer issue signaling the light to come on. However, if a larger issue should be at hand, know that Auto & Tire Service Specialists can help. With their affordable engine services, your Medina vehicle will be back to perfect working order before you know it!

After all, your vehicle is an important part of your day-to-day routine. If your Medina, Ohio or Kent, Ohio vehicle isn’t acting the way it should, bring it in for a computerized diagnostic. Auto & Tire Service Specialists in Akron, Ohio offer engine diagnostics to help you determine whether your “check engine” light is coming on due to a computer problem or from something more dire. In many cases, the “check engine” light has been triggered due to a minor problem that can be quickly resolved. However, there is always the possibility for larger repairs. For those who find themselves in need of affordable engine services, Auto & Tire Service Specialists is the place to go. Their factory-trained technicians have the experience and skill it takes to work on all facets of your vehicle and to ensure that the repairs they perform have your vehicle functioning right for years to come. For additional information on these quality services, visit or call one of their physical locations today!

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