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Although many of our projects have been put on hold for the year, there is still equipment items that you may need to finish up those winter projects. ABC Equipment Rental & Sales – located in Avon, Ohio and Brunswick, Ohio—is happy to offer large equipment rentals for all those in need of the proper tools to complete their tasks. Although they provide rentals on small and large equipment alike, ABC Equipment Rental & Sales can help you prepare your business for the upcoming spring through their affordable equipment sales.  If you’re from the Cleveland, Ohio area and are looking for a location that offers construction equipment sales, you know that ABC Equipment Rental & Sales is the place to go. With such a wide selection of name brand products available, you’ll be able to find the products you need to complete your business as well as home projects.Although having the proper tools available to complete your project is a necessity, you’ll also want to have the proper equipment to help transport these products as well as yourself. Right now, you can find amazing deals on Kubota construction equipment at ABC Equipment Rental & Sales. Both their Avon and Brunswick location are happy to provide you with this leading name brand in RTVs and additional compact construction items. With one of these RTVs, you can move products and personnel from one work site to another safely and efficiently. After all, you could have more than one work site at your Cleveland location if the space is large enough, making one of these RTVs a necessity. Best of all, Kubota offers financing of 0% APR with 0 down for up to 48 months and 60 months on their TLBs when you purchase them from ABC Equipment Rental & Sales!

Although they offer these great products, they also provide additional construction equipment sales. If you’re not someone looking for affordable equipment sales but are more interested in renting the home or commercial products you need, ABC Equipment Rental & Sales can help with that as well. Their professional staff is happy to help you find the items you need to complete your project as part of their small and large equipment rentals.  

By choosing a large equipment rental over buying, you don’t have to worry about the overall maintenance of the product or where you’re going to store it during the cold season. If you’re a contractor or professional landscaper, having the right equipment for your Cleveland, Ohio area clients is just as important. In situations where renting the products you need is not possible, what do you do? For all of your construction equipment needs, ABC Equipment Rental & Sales is the place to go. With their affordable equipment sales available at their Avon, Ohio and Brunswick, Ohio location, you’ll be able to find the products you need at an amazing price.  For more information on their construction equipment sales and rentals, visit or call one of their physical locations today!

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